11 Free Online Marketing Courses to Learn Digital Marketing

No doubt the realities of the world have been greatly altered with the introduction of the internet, so much has changed greatly with the application of the various internet tools which has been created and designed for the use of humans. In my wise, a great deal of comfort, efficiency, and accuracy has been introduced through the rise of Information Communication and Technology.

Within the last two decades, globally there has been a gradual shift from the orthodox way of running human activities and interaction, this not excluding the business outlook of the human society. The continual rise and application of the internet, the domestication of the smartphone among other internet tools and gadgets has continued to give prominence and relevance to the rise of the Digital Age.

Adding to the aforementioned, the warm embrace given to these various digital tools by the 21st-century generation has in no small measure contributed to the rise of the digital age as they have been able to effectively utilize this added value to their lives, employing it in all facets of their lives and existence to maximize their activities.

Furthermore, the wake of the 2020 realities has driven home the need to embrace the amazing features of the 21st-century world. We will all recall the massive onslaught of the novel virus, the Covid-19 pandemic which globally led to an abrupt stop to almost all forms of human activities as businesses were closed down, offices were locked down while the nation’s borderline was closed against one another.

During this period, business ventures and corporate organizations who could not go about their normal and traditional means of doing business or running their offices only had one escape and this was made possible by the Digital revolution of the new age. Business in today’s realities has benefitted greatly from the advent and introduction of Digital tools which has in no small ways bring about an improved customer business owners relationship.

More profit has been made through the use of digital tools, while business outlook has continued to grow and expand all thanks to the introduction of the internet.

This brings us to the place of Digital Marketing and its importance to business owners, including small and medium scale enterprises. Also, we will be discussing 11 free digital marketing courses that you can do to promote your business for more productivity and visibility.

What is Digital Marketing?

This can be referred to as a method through which business owners reach out or connect to their customers or clients using the internet. Also known as Online Marketing or internet marketing, it is a medium employed by many to ensure that they grow their business ventures either small or medium scale giving it visibility.

Digital marketing basically implies any online marketing strategy or efforts which are used. These can be anything you do strategically online or on the internet to boost your business, which in the long run helps people to know more about your business outlook, know more about your goods and services and also influence or convince them to buy from you.

It is an act done by business owners or brand owners using digital tools to give you an advantage over other businesses that offer similar services to what you do or sell similar goods to what you sell. These efforts or strategies can be blogging, Ads, Email marketing, social media marketing where you use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., or Pay-per-click advertising.

Arising from this, a Digital Marketer is one who employs digital tools or means to grow businesses through the generation of new leads and also the creation of awareness and visibility for businesses.

Adding to this, a digital marketer is that individual who also engages the use of measurable analytics to know or identify the factors militating against the effective performance and productivity of a business outfit. When he or she identifies these factors, he moves to find viable solutions to them using digital tools. When I imply digital tools, I am referring to the internet or online tools.

The various aspects of Digital Marketing

  • Video- getting the attention of internet users can be quite difficult online, and this is because there are too many distractions online. However, through the use of short but catchy good video content, the attention of online users can be gotten. Here there is a need for a good understanding of how to write a good script for these various video contents which you as a digital marketer intend to use to promote a business, product, or services.
  • SEO AND SEM- Another good way to drive digital adverts is through online or internet searches. In doing this there is a need for a germane need to understand and how search engine optimization [SEO] works, there is also Search Engine Marketing [SEM].
  • Content Marketing- this has to do with anything you can use to attract new and potential customers online. Your content can be words, graphics, infographics, videos, etc. when you have a good idea of what best can attract new customers, you will also have a good idea of which or what content to use. This can be done by having a good knowledge of customer’s behavior.
  • Data and Analytics: this is a quite essential part when it comes to digital marketing for everyone, there is a need for you to measure your activities or online business impression. When you have a good understanding of Data and analytics, you get to understand or know how best to monitor or track your business online. In doing this as a digital marketer, you get to gather the much-needed data and information you need to strategically advance your business outfit online. The bottom line here under this section is that information is king in digital marketing. What do I imply with this? in Digital marketing, information is a goldmine which you can leverage to grow and advance your business enterprise.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Global Reach- through the effective use of digital marketing in business, business outfits have the opportunity of having a global reach. This is why a small scale business enterprise has the chance of expansion if the digital team effectively utilizes the information at its disposal and the various arrays of the internet tools to grow such business. Through digital marketing, your brands, product or services can reach anywhere in the world. You do not have to be there, inasmuch as there is internet service there, then you can be well assured that your business can reach there.
  • Lower Cost- another important benefit of using digital marketing to grow a business venture is that it offers its various amazing features at a very low cost. Compared to the orthodox way of getting your business known to people through the use of media houses which can be television house, radio stations or newspapers where you have to budget a fortune, the application of digital marketing tools on the internet comes to business owners at a quite affordable low rate. You do not have to break a bone to empty your purse to this. This is considerably low when compared to any other mediums
  • Trackable, Measurable results- another added advantage that comes with digital marketing is that as a digital marketer you get to measure the impact of your reach or the impression which your plans have gathered. Through Data and Analytics, you get to keep track of how many people have viewed or seen your ads. Adding to this you can get to see the gender percentage of your clients that is the gender ratio of your clients, the country or state ratio. You get to see the daily impression or weekly impression. You get to have a more detailed record of how the people have interacted with your brand. This helps you to complement or pre-existing plans.
  • Personalization- you can also personalize or customize your services on the internet, this can be done when you have your customer database or a record connected to your website or any other online platform that you are using. Here you get to personally determine the flow and method of engagement without poising any great challenge for you. You can also create a unique and personalized means through which you can reach out or engage with your respective clients, one that can keep them attracted to your brand.

11 Free Digital Marketing Courses

1: Social Media Marketing

This is a free course that is available for interested individuals or intending digital marketers. It involves how to use social media as a viable platform to promote business ventures. Through this course which is available for free online, you get to understand what makes up social media behavior and how you can engage online users to promote your business.

2: Content Marketing

The content they say is king, this is no different when it comes to business and online marketing. When you offer this course, you are introduced to how you can create amazing content to reach out to your potential customers. These are contents can either be in words, graphics, infographics, video among many others. You also get to know how you can understand the customers or client behaviors and how you can reach out to them through your wall tailored contents

3: Copywriting

These are free courses that you can get on various social media platforms that have to do with the use of specific words that are created short but strategic to sell products. Copywriting is an important art which when used effectively can influence the right customer or client base to you and your brand.

4: Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another common and free course that is available online for aspiring digital marketers to use to give more visibility to their business brands. This is done by using the emails to reach out to potential clients or existing clients.

Under this course, aspiring Digital Marketers are taught how to gather emails in large numbers and create a database with them. Also, they are also taught how they can engage this collected database of emails to reach out to customers or potential customers on how they can introduce their brands, products, or services to the people on the various online platforms.

5: Storytelling

This is also another free course that can be used to draw more online visibility to business outfits online. A good storyteller understands and employs the perfect and suitable approach to selling a brand in a rather convincing manner, one which is bound to draw the attention of others to get to know more about a brand and its product or services.

6: Social Media Monitoring

This is another free course that you can add to your list of the courses which you must study as a digital marketer. We have already identified and acknowledged the fact that social media is a good platform to sell or market your brand. However for you to be able to achieve this there is a need for you to get to have a good and basic idea of how social media works and how you can keep your tabs on it. When you are able to do this, you get to understand the market behavior of online users through social media monitoring.

7: Canva

This is an online tool that enables you to create graphical illustrations online. The created items from canvas can be effectively used to sell your brands to the bigger society.

8: Facebook Blueprint

This is another free digital marketing course that digital marketers can also employ to give top-notch services to their clients. It is a course which is offered by Facebook. Under this course you get to learn the various Facebook terminologies, optimizing both Facebook and Instagram Ads, and it also involves teaching learners how to create a quality and standard Facebook page to grow business outlets on these platforms.

9: Social Media Quickstarter

This course is for beginners who want to know how they can engage the various social media platforms to digitally manage and grow business outfits. Platforms like Twitter Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. Under this course, you learn how to be a good social media manager. It gives you the much-needed knowledge that will guide you level by level on how you can build a strong social media platform for your business outfit.

10: QuickSprout University

This course involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) paid advertising, content marketing, and many more other topics. Under this course, you get to know the various online tactics which you can employ to deliver top-notch services.

11: Pay Per Click University

This is a course which is offered by Wordstream. Here you are taught about Keyword research, Landing Page Optimization among many other topics

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