15 Highest Paying IT Jobs in Nigeria

Are you interested in building a career in the tech and IT industry?

If you are, then I know you will want to know which IT jobs are the highest paying IT jobs in Nigeria?

As you are aware, it is no news anymore that some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria and even all over the world are found in the field of Technology. The reason for this is not far-fetched.

The importance of technology, as we know, cannot be overemphasized; you only have to look around your room to see that. The device you are using to read this, the internet you needed to access this are all as a result of technology. And people pay when they are provided with solutions, which technology has been able to do.

Also, in this present age, businesses cannot progress or even survive without having an online presence; the majority of the big deals and contracts that occur are connected largely to technological relationships and transactions. So, it is not surprising that job positions in IT are one of the highest-paying jobs. After all, the demand for tech-related jobs has been on the increase due to these facts. 

However, there are also different levels in IT, just like in every field. Some job roles are more lucrative than others. If you are interested in a career in the tech space, while you should put your passion into consideration, you also need information on how lucrative different job roles are in the field, so as to make an informed decision.

10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in Nigeria

Some of the highest paying IT jobs in Nigeria include:

  1. Cybersecurity engineer –  N8.4m p/a
  2. Mobile applications developer – N7.5m p/a
  3. Software developer – N7.2m p/a
  4. Cloud engineer – N6.5m  p/a
  5. Data management engineer – N6m p/a
  6. Digital product manager – N4.8m p/a
  7. Scrum master/project manager – N4.8m p/a
  8. Telecom engineer – N4.5m p/a
  9. ATM engineer – N3m p/a
  10. Quality assurance engineer  – N2.4m p/a

It is clear why all the jobs listed have a place on the list because of how in-demand they are. For instance, cybercrime is a very serious menace and so, it is no wonder companies need cybersecurity engineers to help curb the activities of cyber criminals against them and their clients. A job like a web designer is also greatly in-demand because businesses understand the need to have an online presence and they need a web designer to design a responsive website for their brand. 

Basically, to ensure smooth communication with customers, see to the efficiency and profitability of operations, develop business culture and class relations, ensure security in all transactions and expand research capacity, every company must have or hire at least, three of the aforementioned technological experts which translates to more demand for such.  

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