7 Signs Why You Need to Leave That Job

It’s normal waking up at times feeling weak and uninterested in going to work and wanting to slog into the covers and catch some sleep or just cuddle some more with the sheets and pillows. it’s normal and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But where it becomes a problem is when at the break of the day and the thought of “work” pops up, you immediately become sad and depressed, hey! there’s a problem; a need for a change; a need for a reawakening; and a need to move on!

Let’s take a quick dive into the 7 reasons why you need to leave that job

1. You’re Unhappy

We all feel unhappy at different points in our lives ranging from a family problem, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, fight between friends, health challenges, complex issues, habits and a whole lot of troubling events that come to play in our lives and has become a part of nature’s ways in dealing with us.

But when your unhappiness most of the time solely stems from your job, then a change needs to be done. You should be happy going to work and not the reverse as this would help in productivity at work, help boost and maintain a healthy mental life, and even liven your relationship with people both in and out of work.

2. Constant Illness

We’ve heard of cases where persons just slump and die. People don’t just slump talk less of dying just like that. This happens when there has been an underlying illness the person has been unaware of or has been aware of but neglected. It could also be as a result of the continuous occurrence of an illness which the person, aware of, but neglected or has been indulging in activities that trigger that illness, which continuously weakens and sucks life off him/her until s/he finally “slumps and dies”. This is also why we are being advised by medical practitioners to engage in constant body checkups.

The painful, yet truthful part is that when an employee dies as a result of “stress from work”, what do you think the company will do? they simply move on. It’s that simple!

So why kill yourself over such a job?

3. No Personal Life

If you can’t have fun in the evenings after work as a result of stress from work or you constantly have to work overtime with/without overtime pay (which doesn’t worth it either), you barely have family time with hubby/wifey/kids/members of your family, losing out on friends because you rarely hang out with them, no time to visit the dentist, dermatologist, or spa, or you barely have the time to read those books hung on the shelf for ages, or you even hardly have the time to have a chit-chat with friends or colleagues at lunch hour, then this is a clear warning sign  that you need to quit your job as your personal life has been invaded.

Seriously, what is life without having fun and doing the things you love? why do you work when you can’t even explore with the resources earned from your job before death comes to snatch all away?

your personal life should be separate from your work life. Hanging out with family, having nice times with friends, going on adventures (there is no small adventure) while networking, helps you get to acquire ideas and most likely untapped knowledge that would help increase your productivity at work.

4. Toxic Work Environment

Some environments aren’t worth the stress at all. This sort of environment can be either created by the boss or colleagues. It’s a typical environment that could leave you drained physically, mentally, most especially emotionally.

Trying to avoid clashes with the toxic person or persons in an environment like this can be extremely hard and will take a lot of effort and cautiousness like you are walking on an eggshell.

Really? how long do you intend to go on like this?

Workplaces like this can bring down your self-esteem whilst tamper with your mental balance. So, it would be best its avoided totally.

5. Harassment

Sexual harassment, discriminatory harassment, personal harassment or bullying, power harassment, psychological harassment (add link – narcissistic boss), third party harassment, visual harassment, harassment based on religion, and all other forms of harassment can not only jeopardize your career but you as a person.

Your workplace should be a second home because that’s where you practically spend a considerable amount of your day and I know how it feels spending over half of your day in a place where you’re being harassed, abused, molested and such persons (the perpetrator) should be reported immediately to the right office or division as this is punishable by law.                                                                                                         It’s my opinion that’ such workplace be avoided totally and ASAP as this might result in more complicated issues.

6. Job Security

Not only our life needs guaranteed security, but our source of livelihood needs one too – in fact, a good measure of security and this is very important when considering working in an organization as well as being an employee in an organization.

It would be a disaster nursing the fear of being given a sack letter the following day.

Jobs like these need a change ASAP.

While still at the job, you can begin to apply to better companies and going for interviews.

7. Spiritual Life

This is not about yoga or any form of meditation sport or therapy. it’s about your spiritual life with God. Yea. Surprised right?

I made this the last to avoid some funny feelings from persons, as to some persons, this can be controversial or unnecessary to the topic at hand. Contrary to these personal opinions, it needs to be discussed as some would agree with me that it’s as important as our financial, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Some people’s spiritual life with God has gone down the drain as a result of their job i.e., rushing out to work to beat traffic, trying to meet up with deadlines without having a reasonable discussion with their creator, being occupied with thoughts and ways of delivering on those projects without taking God along with the day-to-day activities, jumping to bed after a stressful day at work without ending the day with Him. These constant acts have drawn many away from being on track with Christ.

If your job doesn’t give room for Christ, it’s either you find a way to bring back God into your work life whilst still maintaining your job by following these simple steps or you quit;

  1. when unable to speak to God before leaving for work, pray to him while on transit summing it up with the reading of a short verse or some short verses from the bible or vice versa, and if you’re the one driving, have an audio bible you can listen to in your car
  2. during lunch hour, make a short prayer to him regarding all things you’d want him involved in
  3. practice listening to edifying Christian songs either during a short break or at the close of work. This could help in meditating
  4. upon getting home after the close of work, practice praying before going to bed.

These easy steps will keep you spiritually awake.

It can be awfully hard to quit one’s job considering the hard time involved in getting a new job, but never forget your well-being comes first and there are also businesses or side hustles you can use to sustain yourself pending the time you get a better job.

Ok guys, thanks for sticking till the end. Kindly share in the comment section your suggestions, contributions.

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