My industry is downsizing, how do I change career?

If you are working in an industry where there has been recent massive lay-offs and general decline, it is time for you to prepare for a future outside the industry. Changing career does not start with checking out for job vacancies in Lagos. It starts with first researching about other industries that are currently hiring a lot and finding out about the relevant transferable skills that you need to improve upon. While at your current place of work, remember to remain very diligent, positive and put in your best to enhance the chances of not losing the job. You will have to adjust your resume and online profile to something that can also be attractive to the new industry you’re considering. You will have to learn the new industry requirements and terminologies, tweak your experience accordingly, and in some cases seek professional education or certifications to really make yourself competitive for the new industry

Talk to people that can generally advise you about recruitment in Nigeria and what it takes to really switch to the new career. More importantly, you have to try to speak to a few people within the new career that you are exploring. Even after you have learnt all the ‘theory’ about the new career or industry, you still need find smart ways to acquire a lot of practical knowledge about the industry in preparation for interviews. Don’t be scared – it is not too hard! People are changing careers everyday all over the world. So you can surely do it! Many industries in Lagos have declined in recent years and as you continue to search for job vacancies in Lagos, you should also prepare yourself for industry switch.

Finally, please don’t delay action. Dont wait until you get fired before you start exploring new industries and searching job vacancies in Lagos. Be very proactive

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