Top 10 Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Listed below are some of the common Applicant Tracking System Tools which when employed by recruiting firms, agencies, companies, or organizations, go a long way in helping with recruitment and talent acquisition efforts of these various team

  1. Greenhouse:  This is one of the best and most effective Applicant tracking systems which is largely used by many to recruit new workers, identify talents, and facilitate every other aspect or task that has to do with recruitment. Also, they allow their various users the use of third-party applications, which gives the platform a flexible outlook in its operations. As a result of this feature, it is easy for other related applications to be integrated with the Greenhouse. The Greenhouse applicant tracking system enables its respective clients to make data-driven recruiting decisions which helps them, in the long run, execute their recruiting or hiring plans.
  2. Pinpoint: This is one of the relatively new applicants tracking system which offers to its respective user’s many great advantages. Pinpoint has succeeded in creating a platform that enables its various users to be able to access the best and latest of the updated features and plans for recruiting or hiring firms to leverage upon. The platform is well effective in helping its clients, give visibility to its various job postings which help in getting a large talent pool to have the luxury of options. It also helps its respective clients to identify talents during the hiring process, sourcing capabilities as well as recruiting marketing. Its various effective features go a long way in helping its various clients reduce their patronage of third-party recruiting teams or agents which in the long run helps them to decrease the cost of running the process. Adding to this, they possess well-designed tools that are made to effectively help employers to build and manage online career platforms and engage in a social campaign.
  3. Clear Company: Another strong Applicant tracking system tool with an amazing client base of over two thousand customers, adding to this they possess a 99% client retention rate which is a clear-cut testament of what the system offers. They have great and amazing features that give various users a very pleasant, exciting as well as productive experience, features such as video interview sessions, interview scheduling or planning, a job hosting page, career site among other useful features. Adding to another important feature of the Clear Company is that is designed in such a way that enables its client’s access or sees the insights across the full employment cycle.
  4. Recruiter Box: The recruiter box is another prominent and common applicant tracking system that comes with various arrays of amazing features and tools which give its customer base of over 2000 clients the much-needed edge and advantage in getting the best and suitable candidate for its recruitment process. With the Recruiter Box, its various users get to access features such as video interviews, scheduling, automated reminders among many other amazing features. This applicant tracking system tool is easy to use as the set-up process has been engineered to take as little as half an hour.
  5. Smart Recruiters: This applicant tracking system tool is a bit different from the aforementioned as it is specifically designed and tailored for bigger organizations that are poised to exploit the functionality that comes with the present day applicant tracking system to get the right candidate to fill its vacant openings. According to some of the surveys conducted on some of the various users of the platform, it was revealed that the Smart Recruiters applicant tracking system is great at engaging applicants, getting feedback from them, saving them, and rapidly integrating the data into the process.
  6. Avature: This is an applicant tracking system tool that is fully designed for the process of talent harvesting for its clients. With Avature, you get the luxury and flexibility to tailor your dashboard to fit your demands or requirements. Also, with Avature, you get to make an automated work structure. It is a very strong tool which is used by many international world brands like Siemens, Cisco, Tesla, Nike, and L’Oreal
  7. Workable: This is another applicant tracking system tool which has an edge over others as it is both useful for both small and big companies, guess this clearly explains why it has a very big customer base worldwide. Workable is recorded to have an estimate of 20,000 clients across the world. It is a global brand that gives its users access to the records of over 400 million records
  8. Bullhorn: This is another applicant tracking system tool which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, it is a recruiting tool that has its storage capacity on the cloud, and based on its design, it is best used for the process of acquiring new staffs. Another additional advantage of this applicant tracking system is that it can be used on the phone, which makes it easier for the recruiting team and the applicants to communicate or interact well. This applicant tracking system tool makes it easy to access applicants, also it encourages long-distance interaction of the recruiter and the applicant, and it has an in-system access to LinkedIn
  9. Jobvite: This type of applicant tracking system is basically a cloud-based tool that is also tailored to facilitating the recruiting process for firms or recruiting agencies. With this applicant tracking system tool, users can resort to social recruiting on a large scale, adding to this the tool comes with a mobile app for easy access. You get to make interviews schedules; easy employee referrals and it keeps a good record and database of all activities on it
  10. SAP SuccessFactors: This applicant tracking system tool is another cloud based Human Resource management tool which gives a holistic approach to talent recruitment. It is a tool that is used across 80 nations of the world and it gives an insight for its users into 4,000 job boards across the globe. It is very strong and effective in managing candidates and engaging them through the recruitment period.

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