Applicant Tracking System

The usual case for many is a situation when they find the perfect or right job opening which they are looking for in their search to be gainfully employed, and in the course of applying for it, they come up with application documents, among which is the curriculum vitae online hoping that this will lead the recruiting company or firm to call them in for an interview which we see them advance next in the selection process even as they hope to get the job spot. Sadly, to many people under this category, they never get to pass through this stage or receive a mail inviting them for an interview.

And on the other hand, for recruiting firms or agencies, they make public or advertise a vacant job position in their hope to receive a good number of applicants from whom they intend to select after a thorough interview process the most suitable for the job, however they get to receive a large turnout or influx of applicants sending in their application documents for the advertised job or position. Here they are faced with one daunting task, and this is sorting through this various pool of applicants’ document to properly examine and scrutinize them individually to pick the qualified lots from the numerous applicants.

Using the Nigerian case as a typical example, when as a result of the low employment rate and the high level of unemployed persons in the country, you get an average number of over 50 applicants for just one advertised position, the selection process becomes an uphill task especially if you are still engaging the usual manual method where you have to pick and read through this resume and cover letters.

This is where the applicants tracking system comes in, it is a system that brings about ease in the recruitment process for recruiting firms or agencies, while for the applicants when their curriculum vitae is well tailored to contained the right keywords, it improves or increases their chances of getting selected. It is software that offers great benefits to both the recruiting firm and the applicants. The wake of the 21st century has seen great and diverse alteration in the way we do this, there has been various advancement and positive changes to the rules of social engagement among many other aspects. The applicants tracking system is one of the benefits that has come with the introduction and growth of a digital setting. What most job seekers fail to understand is that when they submit their respective application documents, these documents are often made to pass through the applicant tracking system where these documents are examined and sorted, as this software is designed to identify certain keywords or details with which they can sort out the type of applicants they need for a particular job. When your documents fail to match these various requirements as demanded and required by the applicant tracking system, there is every probability that you eventually miss out on the application.

The Applicant Tracking System

The applicant tracking system is software which is designed to allow recruiting firms or agencies to effectively manage the process of recruiting or selecting candidates for specific roles. It is a program that allow this recruiting firms or agencies to gather information from the pool of applicants who applies for a job which enables them to effectively chose from the data gathered applicants with the right qualifications for the advertised role

Features of an Applicant Tracking System

Job Distribution

Curriculum Vitae Storage

Career page hosting

Synergizing with teammates

Managing Interview process

Onboarding tools

Online Sharing

  1. Job distribution– getting your job post to be given a great visibility or publicity goes a long way in ensuring that you have a large pool of interested applicants who are seeking to get the job opening that you have put up for advertisement. When you have a large pool of applicants, it makes it easier for you to have options from which you can pick from, a great talent pools facilitate the process of having to pick among the very best as you have the luxury of options. This is why when you are recruiting for applicants for a specific job, it is important that you get your job posted or shared on many job boards as many as possible. This is when the Applicant tracking system comes in, when you use the Applicant tracking system, it goes a a long way in increasing your visibility which goes a very long way in attracting a large talent pool.
  2. Curriculum Vitae Storage-this is another prominent feature of the applicant tracking system, during a recruiting process, when recruiters uses the applicant tracking system to recruit applicants, the software stores the curriculum vitae or resume of the applicants and create a database with it. Thus the system becomes a storage facility for this document, and when you need any of the applicants for future roles or engagements, you can easily reach out to them or contact them because you have your details with you, all thanks to the applicant tracking system
  3. Career Page Hosting-this is the segment where you get to display the various vacant positions or opportunities on your organization’s website. When it comes to the applicant tracking system, this software also as part of its numerous functions allows you to display your job positions or job opportunities from its platform. In using the Applicant Tracking System, it is a lot easier and a lot effective to manage this, you also get to add additional information to help the targeted audience get more information about the opening or vacant positions. With the Applicant Tracking System, it offers a wider reach and visibility compared to other platforms
  4. Synergizing with teammate– picking the right candidate for your firm during the hiring system can be a daunting one, especially when you have a large pool of applicants to deal with. This can be so daunting because the hiring team do have the sole objective of getting the best applicant among those who applied, someone who fits perfectively well into the advertised role. In doing this, it is needful that the hiring team needs to work collectively with one another, sharing information and knowledge about the various applicants. This is where the applicant tracking system comes in, it allows the hiring team to work together in the process, it provides them the much needed data to process into information, it allows them to also assign responsibilities in managing and accessing the information, thus everybody in the hiring team gets to participate, synergize with one another during the selection process.
  5. Managing Interview process– another feature of the applicant tracking system is that it allows the hiring team to manage the interview process of the applicants. After they have put the job openings and vacant positions on the career page, job boards and other platforms, and the hiring team has evaluated the various applicants, what comes next is the need to conduct an interview for them in order to proceed with the hiring process. The applicant tracking system gives the platform to facilitate this process, using this software, it gives you the luxury of getting in touch with the applicants, ask them questions and arrange interviews with them. Another added importance of using the Applicant tracking system is that it is designed in such a way that it also reminds the various applicants about the interview right before it starts, this way it ensures punctuality and effective use of time and resources.
  6. Onboarding tools– also the applicant tracking system allows organizations to manage their new employees and get them to speed with some few basic requirements expected from them. After the recruiting team or hiring team might have employed from the applicants their preferred and most qualified candidates, then what is next for the firm is to start the on boarding process. This is when you get to brief or introduce the new employees to the organization and fill them up on what to do. When you use the applicant tracking system, you can actually set up a resource page for the new employees to access, there they get to access all the information they need to know about their responsibilities, benefits, rules and regulations and other important information which the company wants them to know. Also, from there, they also get to complete the necessary and required paper work which they
  7. Online Sharing– using the various online platforms to give visibility to your content can be so great, and the Applicant tracking system gives recruiting team the platform to do just this, as part of its numerous features, it enables the recruiting team or hiring team to create a career page, job boards which can be shared across all the social media platforms. This way the advertised job or opening is not just restricted or limited to a particular platform but can also be shared across other platforms.

How to beat the Applicant Tracking System

This is part is for job seekers, applicants and graduates in Nigeria, most companies have gone digital, employing the use of the applicant tracking system in their recruitment process. And as a result of this, the onus is on job seekers, applicants, and graduates in the country to ensure that their application documents such as their resume or curriculum vitae, cover letters or application letters are made to fit the various requirements of the Applicant tracking system and ensure that you get the invite for an interview session.

  1. Use of specialized or specific keywords– this is one of the best and most effective way through which you can get the Applicant tracking system to identify your file. The applicant tracking system is designed in such a way that it can identify certain keywords which relates or fit into the description of the job requirement. When the applicant tracking system identifies these specific keywords, it ranks your file high. A good place to include this specific keyword is the skill section where you get to highlight your competencies and abilities
  2. Use Standard Section headings- your Curriculum vitae must be structured in such a way that makes it easy for the applicant tracking system to understand how you have structured your sections. When the applicant tracking system does not understand your heading, the information provided by you may get missed up and difficult to comprehend. Therefore, you must be sensitive enough to use a simple heading structure. You must ensure that the applicant tracking system is well structured with east to recognize headings.
  3. Avoid Fancy Design– you must remember the fact that you are writing a curriculum vitae to pass across vital and specific information to your recruiters and not to impress them with a fancy design. Thus, do well to avoid flogging your documents with fanciful designs or details as they are totally irrelevant for the process. Nobody is going to access your documents based on how fanciful your documents are. When you make use of fanciful designs and details you might make it hard for the applicant tracking system to understand your document or identify the much-needed vital information needed. The key and most important instruction here are that you must keep it simple
  4. Check Your Spelling and Grammar– in the process of sending in your curriculum vitae and other necessary documents; it is important that you ensure that you have a second read of these documents before sending them. In doing this you should ensure that it does not contain any spelling error or grammar misuse, do well to ensure that someone with great proficiency in English Language helps you to proofread
  5. Apply, even if you might not be qualified– even if you are not qualified, take the bold step to apply. At times, it is not just the qualification or experience that matters, it might just be having the right spirit and enthusiasm

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