How to Create A Job for Yourself in 2020

Getting a job in Nigeria can be very challenging especially for the average Nigerian citizen, there are over a thousand youths in Nigeria with no viable jobs or means of livelihoods. For the various advertised jobs, there are more than the required applicants who are ready to apply for the position.

For every advertised job in Nigeria, there are a hundred applicants who are applying for it. Daily there are thousands of youths walking the various streets of the nation in their attempt to secure a job, the frustration of many in Nigeria in view of its various unemployment situation and the high numbers of job seekers in the labor industry has led many to venture into doing or engaging themselves in various criminal acts which to a large extent has created an ugly identity for the nation’s security outlook.

The rise of cybercrimes popularly called Yahoo-Yahoo, kidnaps and stealing, thuggery, and other social vices. Others who choose to walk the moral path has switched to various small and medium scale enterprise where they have been able to engage themselves in various business ventures with little or no funds, employing the tools of the information, communication, and technology to give their various business visibility which in the long run leads to the more organic growth of the business and more increase in the sales of product or patronage, that which is the sole aim and goal of any business owner who is running any business outfit.

The sole purpose and aim of every businessman are profit maximization.

There are various reasons which can be attributed to why many youths cannot find decent jobs or start any business venture either small or landscape enterprises.

These reasons are not far-fetched; some are listed below-

  1. Qualifications-while it is the realities that there are little or no jobs in Nigeria, we cannot also shy away from the fact that there are plenty of jobs on the pages of online platforms that are been advertised daily for job seekers. Platforms like are examples of online platforms that gives users the opportunity to search for jobs using personalized searching tools and options to search the jobs that are of the best fit for them, there are thousands of jobs in Nigeria in various sectors like Health, State government jobs, Federal government jobs, Agricultural, Non-governmental jobs, IT jobs and many other sectors. However, the challenge with many job seekers is that they are not qualified for these various job positions as advertised. Due to one reason or the other, they find themselves not been able to fulfill or complete the job application. One of the major reasons is academic requirements, lack of information technology, and communication knowledge among many other requirements. As a result of this many of these job seekers often miss out on these employments opportunities in Nigeria.
  2. Large applicants-this is a common feature for many job seekers in Nigeria. There are thousands of job seekers who are searching for jobs in Nigeria, hence with the announcements or advertisement of any job opportunity, there is always a beehive of job seekers applying for it. The recent in Nigeria is the Npower program which saw to the application of thousands of Nigeria within just a day. When there is a large turnout of people applying for a job, the application mode becomes tougher for job seekers to secure jobs. Probably there was only just a provision for five new additions in a firm, and there are over a hundred people applying, the recruiting firm will have to resort to mean and hard requirements to cut people off and reduce the numbers drastically to fit their requirements
  3. Age Limit– this is another factor that is practically playing itself as a major challenge for most job seekers in Nigeria. There are many recruiting firms and companies that now use a certain age limit as a benchmark for people applying for certain job roles in Nigeria. Especially in the banking sector where this has become a major feature, most recruiting bank institutions put a benchmark or age limit of 26 years as the maximum year for its applicants.
  4. Failed Application Process- this is another factor responsible for the failure of many applicants to secure jobs in Nigeria. Most of them fail to pass the interview process for several reasons, which might be irregularities in their Curriculum Vitae which is why it is important that job seekers know to write a good curriculum vita. There are other reasons why job seekers fail to secure job positions, another example is failed interview sessions. It is a common feature for recruiting firms to conduct interview sessions for their various chosen applicants. Most job seekers do not know how to handle interview pressure, while some fail in answering simple interview questions. There are ethics and guidelines that are attached to interview sessions that job seekers must be willing to learn.
  5. Capital- this is applicable to individuals who are willing and ready to start business ventures, either small or medium scale enterprise. For many of them, the challenge of raising funds for their business enterprise has often derailed their plans for starting a business of their own. There are numerous ways to sourcing for funds business ventures ranging from personal savings to seeking financial help from friends and families, we also have crowdfunding, soft loans from a bank, and grants.
  6. Exploitations- there are various harsh conditions especially in the private sector has made many resorts to their fate in their search for jobs in Nigeria. From low payments to harsh working conditions, many have left their jobs because of this preferring to remain unemployed.
  7. Job Security- this is mostly applicable to the private firms who have the tendency to sack their workers anytime. This unchecked reality has created more unemployment problems for many Nigerians who have lost their jobs due to this factor. Recently there was a mass retrenchment of workers done by some Nigerian Banks in which over 10,000 Nigerians were rendered jobless.

Top Benefits of Starting Your Own Job

  1. Job Security– There is job security that with owing and starting your own business, it affords you the assurance that you are the sole owner and is independent to make your own personal decisions among many benefits. In having your own business, you do not need to have the fear of being sacked or dismissed from work.
  2. Building Something

Owning your own business allows you to turn your skills, interests, and passions into income. In owning your own business, you have the opportunity to build a brand out of nothing, whatever it is that you are doing, there is the chance or the opportunity to nurture it from scratch to becoming a strong brand. There are many world-renowned brands that actually began small and today they are big brands known across the world When you own your own business, you get to shape and flesh out your dreams.

  1. Helping People

Another benefit of starting and running a self-owned business outfit either small or medium scale is that it creates the opportunity for business owners to help more people. Owing and running your own business goes a long way in creating multiple employment opportunities for many more people. For example, if you are starting a clothing business or selling cars in Nigeria, definitely you will need more hands to help you in the business, in the process you have become an employer of labor, which will in some ways reduce the unemployment ratio Small businesses also help people by creating jobs in their communities and being good community citizens.

  1. Wealth Creation

Small and medium scale business in a very good way leads to the creation of wealth in any society, it diversifies the nation’s economy by giving the nation an alternative source of income as it helps its GDP to grow. Therefore, capitalist nations excel more economically as they have more business owners who are given the atmosphere to run their business enterprise with major challenges.

  1. Being in Control

Working for others at times can be restricting and sometimes may not allow you to maximize your full potentials. Working for people also implies that your income is dependent on the company retaining you as an employee. If you have ever been concerned about a layoff, you know putting your livelihood into someone else’s hands involves risk.

When you build your own business, you do what you want, how you want, when you want. You develop the product or service to the level you think is best. You have systems and routines that work best for you. And if you need a powernap late morning or afternoon to boost creativity and productivity, you can take one. And you are able to do all this without the fear of getting fired or laid off.

In creating a job for yourself, there are various types of jobs that you can consider, you can either decide to start a business enterprise either small or medium scale for yourself or run a freelance job.

How to Start A Business Outfit

  1. Find a business idea– this is one of the most challenging tasks for many individuals as they find it hard to come up with business ideas that they can transform into starting their own business in Nigeria. There are many businesses in ideas Nigeria that people can tap into that can create wealth for them. This is just a mental barrier though — one that you can easily get past if you look at one area: your strengths.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find a solid business idea:

  1. What skills do you have– it is important for you to know and identify what skills you possess while figuring out what type of business you can do. You do not just jump into any business without considering this factor. You must be able to leverage on your skills and talents, if there is anything that you are naturally good at, it is advisable that you do business based on these areas, however, be sure that there is a need for this business in the locality that you are. Also considering your strength, weakness, threat, and opportunities will go a long way in ensuring that you streamline your innate skills to what you can do, and you will have passion for. If not, it is important that you read extensively, visit, and talk to experts in the fields if you are venturing into an entirely new business
  2. Location-it is important that you consider your location and whatever service or product which you think cannot be easily assessed in your locality. When there is an economic or market gap in your locality, it is advisable that you leverage this to fill these gaps by providing the missing commodity. When this is done, it ensures that there is a market for you as this will make it easier for you to find ready-made and available consumer, customer, or clients
  3. Access to Funds– it is advisable that you work with a budget before thinking of any business to do. Even if you do not have the capital ready, it is however important for you to have a proposed budget that you think you can come up with to run your business. There are business ventures which you can execute with just 50,000, there are business outfits that you can run with little or no funds at all. E.g., you need very little funds to start laundry work in Nigeria.
  1. Be Intentional– in doing this, you have to be serious and intentional about what you want, you have to be sure about your decision to start your own business else you become unclear about what you intend doing. Doing business or starting a business in Nigeria requires a total commitment and dedication to the starter. There are many hurdles which are attached to starting and running a business, you must have a positive mindset and be psychologically and mentally ready for the task.
  2. Research– there is a need for you to do proper research before venturing into any business. Knowing the factors involved in the creation or starting of a business outfit is very important else you do a blind jump in the dark. When this is done it enables you to know the various challenges that you might likely encounter and how you can overcome them. it also enables you to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market and how it works.
  3. Create a business plan– this is important for you to do else it might be hard coming up with a viable pathway to executing your goal. Another importance of having a business plan is that it enables you to attract investors or solicit for funds. A business plan will go a long way in giving a statement that you are serious about what you intend to do and that you have done your research well and that you have a clear cut pathway to achieving this. Writing a business plan requires several technicalities which is why you must engage the services of professionals or experts to help you put up an amazing business plan

Also, apart from starting a small or medium-scale enterprise in creating a job for yourself, there are various means which you can employ to doing this. Doing Remote jobs or Freelance job is another viable way of creating a job for yourself.  A remote job is a job that you can do away from the comfort of your home without having to go to work or being physically present at work.

While a freelance work is a job or worker is defined by Wikipedia as, “Self-employed worker with no committed employer Freelance, freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term” there are various remote jobs in Nigeria that you can leverage on to create a job for yourself which in the long run can be harnessed into something solid.

Examples of freelance or remote jobs that you can consider doing are, blogging, content creator, translator, forex, transcriber, graphics creation, web developer, PR Consultancy, Game developer, Copywriter, 3D Modeler, legal services, teacher among many other freelance or remote jobs

As made evident in this article, there are various opportunities within the Nigerian set-up that job seekers in Nigeria can investigate to create a job for yourself. You do not have to be restrained by the economics of searching for job in Nigeria.

You can actually create a job for yourself by considering the opportunities listed in this article. Also, for more tips on how to create or start a business in Nigeria, there are various online platforms that you can access for this, credible among the numerous that we have in Nigeria is

By Marcus Amudipe

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