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Blingy! Complement Your Lifestyle with Technology

About Company:

Blingy is a global technology company with a growing passion for building innovative and functional products that resolve users’ pain points. We engage our creativity, unique skills, and talents to build digital platforms, and deploy solutions that make everyday living easier.


With our vast database, AI enabled features, entertainment platform, and e-commerce services, we deliver a solution-driven, user-centered philosophy; regardless of genre, device, or platform. Our vision is to stay "true" to our online community.


Reauty, our first mobile application, is a beauty review platform with features to engage every beauty seeker. We created Reauty to resolve the concerns of beauty users, such as the lack of transparency, lack of information, and lack of trust in the brands. Through Reauty, we have created a safe space that encompasses authenticity, community, and fun innovations that blend beauty and technology.


At Blingy, we provide an inclusive workspace and an enabling environment to support our diverse talents. We invite you to grow with us here at Blingy!.