Ensuring good communication in the workplace

As we have come to realize, communication is more than messages. It comes off as major factor in how we forge and build long lasting relationships, how we see those relationships and the hard work we put into them in particular.

There is usually the need to pass along messages in a polite, firm, concise, and pleasant manner that is certainly for the greater benefit of the recipient of such message. It is therefore instructive to note that communication is therefore an essential tool in our day to day lives, social, professional circles which cuts across various forms and is applicable for use in different settings and situations.

In a workplace, communication is not only essential, it is a core ingredient to the survival of any position you hold. It is also more about the way you regularly present yourself whether it is in the way you express yourself verbally, the way you dress and in so many other ways. Like they say, perception is key, communication is always about perceptions. Not communicating properly usually leads to not been able to pass your messages across accordingly, colleagues and coworkers not getting a hang of your intentions; often times, it generally leads to avoidable arguments that then prevents you for been able to gets tasks done, which eventually prevents you from producing the results you need.

We have drawn up a few pointers below that can help ensure good and effective communication in the work place

  1. Always Pass across a clear message

What is the context of the message you aim to pass across? Is it clear enough, is it easy to understand. In a few or long words, those your co-workers understand? In other to avoid any miscommunication, make sure you are quite clear with the messages you pass across. It saves tasks from dragging and produces effectiveness as much as possible.

For example, if you are in a work meeting and you need clarifications on certain matters, never be shy enough to ask! Asking helps you get a better grasp of the matter at hand and signals you can communicate while understanding and passing your messages across in a very clear manner too.

At Delon Apps Nigeria (owners of the Latest Jobs in Nigeria platform, where you can register to post your Job  ads free as well as the free classified ads in Nigeria website, where I work, strategy sessions are always a time to be expressive, where you are expected to pass across messages you don’t understand and understand better, where you are free to ask questions, get clarifications while also ensuring your messages are properly gotten and well understood too

  1. Never let feelings get in the way

How you handle your feelings and emotions when communicating in a work place matters a lot. Whether you are passing messages across or receiving them, it is important how you react, how you perceive things. When feelings get in the way, productivity is usually hampered, which then affects the end results which you would want to avoid greatly.

Learn to paint an accurate picture of what you are communicating, same way you expect same in return entirely devoid of feelings. Letting emotions get in the way of communication is usually not a good look.

  1. Encourage Physical Conversations

In work places, communication is often misunderstood. Why not encourage physical communication then. You said an email to a colleague who probably doesn’t understand your intentions and perceives the messaging the wrong way. It is sometimes important to take a step back and correct these impressions. How do you do this, have physical conversation. Research has shown that people tend to understand things better and communicate better too when they engage in communication face to face as well.

  1. Respect opinions

A work place is made up of a group of people from all walks of life; people with different mind sets, varying opinions that tend to see things differently but the collective vision of getting the work done.

Learn to respect the opinions of others when communicating. You want to do everything possible to respect the views, value system of others same way you expect them to respect yours. Always remember, how you see things can be really different; however, fostering a harmonious working relationship through communication is very important too.

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