Got an interview? Here are quick things to note

You have been searching for that dream Job, you put in your all to undertake a written test, you pass and finally, you have been called in for an interview.

Have you considered there is a need to adequately prepare for such an interview in the hope that you will nail it quite well and then be considered for the Job?

Have you also considered there is a strong need to be conscious of how you prepare for such?

An interviewer is certainly on the lookout for certain qualities, an interviewer also expects you to answer questions in a certain manner while also adequately comporting yourself.

There is therefore a need to know tips, suggestions and guidelines that can help you clear through different levels of the interview process and bag the job of your choice.

A Job interview is the last stage in the job seeking process and there are many ways on how to pass a job interview with ease.

A person may clear all the exams and tests but fail to get a job if he fares poorly in a job interview.

A job interview thus proves to be vital for a job seeker. There are also unusually many stages in a job interview and you bag the job, only if you clear all these stages successfully.

While the qualities required in different fields and trades vary greatly, there are some common aspects that most interviewers seek in their candidates.

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You are expected to have the under listed qualities.

  1. Have Confidence

If you have to work in any respectable organization and handle a responsible role, you need to be confident.

People who lack this major trait fail to make the right decisions and cause huge losses for the organization.

Confidence is often a result of thorough knowledge and organizations do not like to hire people who lack knowledge.

  1. Punctuality is important

Firms look for people who value time. You need to make sure you reach on time for the interview.

In case you happen to be late, you need to inform the firm regarding the delay. This shows that you are responsible and time conscious.

  1. Maturity

Maturity is not something that can be easily assessed yet all interviewers look for mature candidates. You will always be asked personal questions or questions regarding career choices.

They try to understand your level of maturity while taking important decisions related to your life. Make sure you answer in a fashion that reveals your mature life choices.

  1. Dress properly and be Hygiene Conscious

Hygiene is very important and lack of hygiene can have a very bad impression on the interviewer.

Wear properly washed and ironed clothes for the interview. Use a deodorant to cover up for body odour.

A mouth freshener will help you hide bad breath. You need to have your hair properly combed, shoes thoroughly polished and face clean shaven before you head for an interview.


Prepare for that Interview in Advance

You need to be ready for the job interview well in advance.

See a quick list of items you are expected to always have on you.

  1. Always have spare copies of your resume

You may upload copies of the resume on different job sites.

Yet, make sure you carry a hard copy of the latest updated resume when you head for an interview.

Make sure you have your latest experience updated in the resume. Avoid fancy or creative resumes if you are heading for a technical interview.

  1. Carry Copies of Certificates

Hard copies of certificates is a must carry for freshers.

Even if you are an experienced candidate, it is a good habit to carry copies of your resume.


Interview questions to note and how to answer them

Before you head for your first job interview, it is a good idea to create a list of the most expected questions.

You can prepare for these questions. It will add to your confidence during the interview process.

  1. What is your strength?

This is a question commonly asked in most interviews. You need to speak of your best quality or ability.

Make sure you select a quality that is useful in the field you have chosen.

For instance, if you are appearing for a job in programming, boasting about your creativity is not going to help you. You also need to ensure that you select a strength that does not alter with time.

  1. Why are you interested in working in this industry and this field in particular?

The interviewers actually wish to hear what qualifies you for the field you have chosen.

When they ask you this question, you need to explain to them your special inclination for the field you have selected. You need to enumerate your skills and abilities that make you ideal for the field.

  1. What are your skills and hobbies?

Many freshers fail to understand the intent of this question and tend to give answers that are totally irrelevant.

The interviewers do not get impressed with singing and dancing as skills and hobbies. You need to speak of hobbies that are relevant to the job.

If you are applying for jobs that apply logic, you may reveal your special interest in solving puzzles.

Similarly, if you are applying for some creative position like that of a fashion designer, you may speak of your superior fashion sense.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Employers seek candidates who have a vision for themselves. In any profession there are many different stages of growth.

You need to set the highest achievable position as your goal. You must be able to tell the interviewers that you wish to hold a particular senior position at the end of 5 years.

  1. Are you a good leader?

The firms and organizations seek people with good leadership qualities. As you excel in your field, you may ascend the ladder of success.

You need to have the ability to lead a team and get work done from other candidates. You need to possess leadership skills for this purpose.

  1. What is your salary expectation and why?

It can be easy for an experienced candidate to set a salary expectation based on the last drawn salary.

In case of freshers, it can be difficult to choose a salary expectation. You may be asked to justify your expectation. You need to be well prepared to tackle this question wisely.

Once you are prepared for the common questions asked in interviews, the interviews become a cakewalk.

Yet there are several other challenges that you need to be prepared for while appearing for interviews.

Here are some of the unique styles of interviews that you may have to face during the job seeking process. You need to be mentally prepared for these too.


Tips to Ace any Job Interview Style Easily

  1. Group Interviews

Most job interviews usually have one or two interviewers to deal with one candidate.

In such cases, you have all the attention of the interviewers. This is not the case with group job interviews.

In group job interviews, you have four or five other candidates competing for the attention of the interviewers. You need to have clear accent and good communication skills to draw the attention of the interviewer.

You also need to make sure that you maintain decorum and wait for your chance during group interviews. You need to have proper manners to create a lasting impression in group interviews.

  1. Telephone Job Interviews

These days, big firms also conduct telephonic job interviews when the candidate is staying far away.

Voice modulation, accent and language count a lot more if it is a telephonic job interview. Try to avoid fumbling, stammering or any other gesture that reveals your nervousness on phone.

  1. Video Interviews

You may also have video calling interviews on Skype, on newer video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even Google Hangouts. You must make sure the Internet connection is proper for video interviews.

It would be wise to test your device one day before the interview.

Preparing well in advance for all styles of interviews makes you a confident candidate; Remember, there is need for you to also be careful while selecting your attire and accessories for job interviews.

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