Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

There’s no doubt that salaries and wages differs greatly from one country to another, and even within the same country, but some jobs pay more all over the world. This piece will take a big dig at some of the top paying jobs in Nigeria, however in the process of compiling our list; we compared average salaries in Nigeria. In Nigeria, it is a very normal feature for young Nigerian graduates to search for jobs with high pay checks.

The truth is there are plenty high paying jobs in Nigeria which demands creative skills, technical expertise or formal education if you do possess these qualities, you might be fortunate enough to get any of these top paying jobs in Nigeria.

Education in Nigeria ensures that thousands of graduates are thrown into the unemployment pool in Nigeria searching for jobs. This ensures that there is a limited space for many to get employed for the average jobs while top paying jobs might seem an herculean task to get. However it is possible to get them.

Looking for a well-paying regular job? has been able to identify the highest-paying regular and common jobs for 2019 to 2020 from reports by users with 1-2 years of experience in different job fields. It is only normal for job-seekers and graduates seeking jobs to be interested in opportunities with the highest earning potential. Even though one’s income might increase with time, it is also “not bad” to begin with high pay.

Everyone wants to be successful, and knowing the right career path to take is very important. While some Nigerians earn just a little above the minimum wage, there are some jobs that pay far above the minimum wage on a monthly basis if one has the required skills and certifications.

However before we take a look into the various top paying jobs in Nigeria, let’s examine why jobs pay more than other, that’s reasons for the difference in job payment or wages/salary structure

Why Workers in Some Occupations Are Better Paid Than Those in the Other Occupations?

Other influencing factors include the relative bargaining power of employers and workers, government policies, public opinion and discrimination.

  1. Demand and Supply:

It is a simple economics rule that when the demand is high, the supply will definitely be high. The higher the demand for and the lower the supply of workers in an occupation, the higher the pay is likely to be. According to the modern theory of wages, wages are the price of services rendered by a labor to the employer. As products, the prices are determined with the help of demand and supply. A job which has a high demand will definitely require more supply which in the long run result in an increase in the wages.

  1. Role of Trade Union

The activities and roles of Trade Unions goes a long way in determining the status of the wages they get paid. Wages are likely to be higher in occupations where workers have strong bargaining power relative to employers. This is more likely to be the case if most of the workers are members of a trade union or professional organization which can bargain collectively on their behalf.

Most doctors and lawyers, for instance, belong to their professional organization which represents their interests. This bargaining position is strengthened by the knowledge that they would be difficult to replace with other workers and any industrial action taken by them would have serious consequences. In contrast, most cleaners and waiters do not belong to a workers’ organization.

Their bargaining strength is further reduced by the fact that they are usually widely dispersed and hence are not organized as a strong union. Also, they can be replaced by other workers relatively easily. Public sector workers in many countries, including the UK and India, are more likely to belong to a trade union or professional organization than private sector workers.

  1. Period of training: some workers spend more years to acquire their training and improve in skills than others and therefore they are rewarded more than their counterparts. For instance, medical doctors and engineers spend more years in their training than typist and clerks.
  2. The amount spent in the course of training: those who spend more amount in the course of their training and are rewarded more in line with what they spent during training.
  1. The skills require at work: while it requires special skill acquired through training to be a doctor or an engineer, it does not need any special skill to be a messenger or a cleaner. Hence doctors and engineers are paid for more than messengers and cleaners.
  2. The risk involved in a job: These jobs that involve more risk attract higher pay of workers that risk their lives, like pilots are paid higher than their counterparts in less dangerous works like motor driving.
  3. Sex consideration: In some societies where there is discrimination, men have rewards more their women counterparts. These male have this belief that men work harder than women and therefore should be paid more.

Based on research from online platforms like, and from insiders in these job fields, we have come up with a list of top ten careers that pay the most in Nigeria in no particular order.


  1. Entertainment– Gone are those days when entertainment jobs are regarded as low-paying paying job which is only meant to be done by riff-raffs. The story is different now as the entertainment industry all over the world has turned to a gold mine which houses plenty of the richest figures in Nigeria. With the diversity, innovation cum creativity and hard work in the Nigerian entertainment industry, several celebrities and personalities are now smiling to the bank with bags of money, whether through endorsement, family money or investment. It is not uncommon for you to find people idolize celebrities. Entertainment in Nigeria has become a big career for many.

The Nigerian entertainment industry has seen to the rise of plenty individuals who has grown to be topnotch renowned figures. Musicians earn up to #600, 00 – #1,200,000 for their appearance in a movie or concert.  Wizkid net worth is estimated around $ 20 million, Davido around $ 19 million, Don Jazzy around $18.5 million. If you as an individual has what it takes that is the creativity, the talent and the drive to succeed, the Nigerian entertainment industry is the place to test your resolve. Who knows you might be the next big thing.

  1.     Airline Pilot

Airline pilots in Nigeria get a good pay, as they are responsible for the operation of the aircraft, safety of passengers and goods. Pilot earn relatively well because of the delicacy and risk involved in the job, as the lives and safety of passengers depend on them. However, to determine the average salary of a commercial pilot in Nigeria, some factors have to be considered, factors like; years of experience, type rating, the airline, flying hour and rank of the pilot. The average salary for First Officer ranges from ₦200,000 – ₦500,000 monthly, and captains earn about ₦500,000 – ₦3,000, 000 monthly

  1. Marine

The Marine world holds a myriad of job opportunities in Nigeria. This is one exciting field which offers employment to those searching for jobs in Nigeria along with great remuneration, adventure and fun. Under the marine industry there are marine engineers whose job deals with the maintenance and repairs of ship’s machinery; naval architect whose job involves planning and designing of ships and sea going vessels; shipping brokers whose jobs deal with buying and selling of ships and shipping cargo; Bosun whose job falls under the deck of department of careers on ship; Oil Driller whose work is involved with drilling activities on oil rigs or offshore vessels. There are other jobs under the marine industry such as ordinary Seaman, ship fitter, tool pusher and Tug boats jobs.

These are very lucrative jobs in Nigeria, however they require applicants to be qualified and well prepared for this job as they do not employed just an ordinary school leaver or graduate in Nigeria, you have to be qualified and trained for it. However there are also other remote jobs in Nigeria that you can do with ease with little or no qualification

  1. Petroleum Engineers

Engineering is one of the highest paying careers in Nigeria; however, some engineers earn more than others depending on the field. Petroleum engineers earn well in Nigeria because most petroleum engineers are often employed by multi-million-oil companies in Nigeria. Even at the entry-level stage, the petroleum engineer still earns well. Most of the petroleum engineers that work in the oil companies in Nigeria averagely earns about ₦12,000,000 annually. The average salary of a petroleum engineer ranges from ₦300,000 – ₦900,000 monthly. These salaries tend to increase based on experience, level and time on the job.

  1. Data Analyst– A Data analyst is someone who collect processes and performs statistical analyses of data. He or she can translate numbers and data into plain English in order to help organizations and companies understand how to make better business decisions. Organizations in all industries increasingly rely on data to make critical business decisions which new products to develop, new markets to enter, new investments to make, and new (or existing) customers to target. They also use data to identify inefficiencies and other business problems that need to be addressed.

Their roles are in high demand. IBM has estimated that there will be more than 2.7 million job openings for professionals with data skills by 2020, with nearly 40% of jobs in advanced data analytics requiring a master’s degree or higher the salary of a qualified specialist reaches 230,000 to 350,000 NGN per month.

  1. Medical Doctor– A medical Doctor is a person who has been educated, trained and licensed to practice the art and science of medicine. A medical doctor can work in a variety of locations while providing care to sick and injured patients. In far advanced countries, medical doctors gets paid a fortune, nevertheless their pay is relatively high in Nigeria. The income of medical doctors can range from 200,000 to 900, 00 NGN per month. Also it is important to note that Government agencies in many cases pay more than private agencies.

However it is important to note that there are plenty jobs under the medical industry in Nigeria, s it is not only Medical Doctors that is associated with it. We have Pharmacy which entails the study of drugs, sales and dispensary of types of drugs and also how to produce drugs. A Graduate of Pharmacy in Nigeria can easily find a lucrative job or open his or her own pharmacy shop and start making money. There is also Nursing, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Optometry, Radiology/Radiography, and Physiotherapy

  1. IT Security Analyst/Programmers/Ethical Hackers/Engineers

Generally, the world is advancing technologically as computers and technological gadgets are being produced on daily basis. As the production and supply of technological gadgets increases every day, so does the need for information and technology security analyst/programmers, hackers, and engineers. As long as IT remains a revolutionary tool in the business world, the roles of these experts will always be needed. The roles of these experts include; maintaining online security, writing and developing computer soft wares, testing and evaluating computer parts and soft wares among others. The salary range for these positions in Nigeria is between ₦134,000 – ₦400,000 monthly. Check out some of the highest paying IT Jobs in Nigeria

  1. Investment Banker; Investment Banking is one of the most lucrative Jobs in Nigeria. These highly skilled experts advise companies and individuals regarding stocks and shares. They also advise mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other related sectors. Investment banking is a specialized branch of banking which limits its scope to the financial market and is basically concerned with the investment

This position requires exceptional analytical skills. Estimated salaries range from 210,000- 550,000 naira per month depending on the employer. This does not include the bonuses, profit sharing and other allowances they earn per year. Also, investment banking is a highly lucrative job option as you get a chance to travel round the world. In Investment Banking, the yearly bonuses for top earners can be millions per year, making investment bankers some of the top earners in the country. Their salaries and total bonus earnings often make them .compete with well-paid oil and gas engineers.

  1. Real Estate– is another of the most lucrative business in Nigeria aside oil and gas. The rapid population growth rate in Nigeria made the real estate sector remains very lucrative as daily people are looking for houses to rent or build a home of their own. It is a business entity that deals with the buying, selling, brokering, management or investment on real estate properties. Under real estate we have, real estate agents also known as realtors that is someone who acts as a middle man between sellers and buyers of real estate properties. We also have Land resale/flipping, Property Development, Property rent/Leasing
  2. Oil and Gas– the oil and gas industry is one of the most glorified business sectors in Nigeria and Africa. The Nigerian government is encouraging both foreign and local investors to invest in either the upstream or the downstream of the oil and gas sector. Crude oil or petroleum and its fractions are fundamental products that are consumed on regular basis. This resulted in a high demand of the products daily. The interest for petroleum items is not depreciating soon since it will take much longer before the idea of renewable energy will completely be acknowledged and displace of crude oil. If you are searching for jobs in Nigeria  the oil and gas industry is a good place to consider as there are plenty opportunities which you can exploit. They are oil and gas maintenance and servicing which is one of the most demanded services in the oil and gas industry. The major functions of companies in this category is to clean, repair and maintain the facilities used in drilling, production. There is also oil spillage cleaning. This is almost an inevitable occurrence in the oil and gas industry  as no human or machine is 100% efficient. There is also Petroleum Refinery which is very profitable in Nigeria. This is because there is a limited number of functioning refineries in Nigeria. However this business might require a huge lot of capital to start. However if you are able to pull though, it will definitely turn out to be extremely lucrative. Another is a very capital intensive as large vessels of this scale in the industry costs millions to purchase. However it is another goldmine as it is a very lucrative business in Nigeria

Jobs that pay more in Nigeria can be relatively high to find in view of the current economic situation in the country. However while you search and earnestly wait and prepare yourself for any of these lucrative jobs in Nigeria, there are remote jobs in Nigeria which young graduates can do. Adding to this there are top interview questions on how you can ace any interview for any job applied for in Nigeria. However you must also note that these jobs do not come in a vacuum as they also require individuals to be qualified and highly experienced.

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