Online Job Search is not working for me!

Online job search is great, but not your only option.  You must deploy multiple strategies to get your dream job.  If you are seeking graduate job vacancies in Nigeria or the latest jobs in Lagos, have you tried walking down streets in your area or major streets not far from you to seek a small job just to gain experience?  Have you offered to work free for that supermarket near you?  If you’re an experienced person seeking to change job or just seeking information about the latest job in Nigeria, don’t be shy about asking your friends in other companies about vacancies.  I know people who had their lives transformed via simple referrals and have a nice story to tell about recruitment in Nigeria.  If you are shy or keep quiet, you will not get referrals easily.  You must keep telling people that you really need a job and keep asking people – how can I find latest jobs in Lagos?

And if you just recently lost your job after 10 to 15 years of working and fresh recruitment opportunities, the first thing you need to do is to check if your search strategies for latest jobs in Lagos are adequately ‘modern’.  Is your CV done the right way per 2018?  Are you actually searching for the right jobs?  Are you talking to the right people?  Do you always have a hard copy CV in your bag anytime you go out?  What about an updated soft copy always on your phone in addition to those selfies?  Do you have an elevator pitch about yourself?  I mean if you’re in a party and you mention to someone that you’re looking for a job, can you sell yourself in 30 seconds to that man or woman that can possibly refer you?  If you need several minutes to sell yourself, then you’re not prepared

Latest jobs in Lagos indeed appears a lot on several websites like, but you can also get such information through other means. It is pertinent to continue to seek all possible ways to get information and help towards getting your dream job. When you attend parties, church programs, mosques, etc, you should be ready for your ‘elevator pitch’ at all times. Be active in your religious or social groups so that you can find opportunities to share your job need with people

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  1. graliontorile

    I got what you mean , thanks for posting.Woh I am glad to find this website through google. “Don’t be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against not with the wind.” by Hamilton Mabie.


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