How to Get a Job in Lagos

I grew up in reality and age where people back then and even still now gave great preference to working in the city of Lagos, this is often portrayed in many Nigerian movies where you see a young man leaving the village or a rural area with bags and luggage’s strapped across his shoulder as they bid farewell to their friends and families in their search for greener pastures.

Reasons for this are not far-fetched, the city of Lagos is an economic hub and goldmine of some sort where everyone seeks to go hoping to make a fortune.

Lagos which is regarded as the most populous city in Africa boosts a population of over 21 million in the year 2016 by the National Population Commission, a figure which is more than that of the city of Cairo in Egypt.

Check out the top jobs in Lagos today

With a total of 1,171.28 square kilometers (452.23 square miles) the population of Lagos has continued to grow and currently surpassing at least 17 million inhabitants, the populace density is around 6,871 inhabitants per square kilometer, the city of Lagos is regarded by many economists as the window to the future as it is been predicted that in the next 25 years while the Nigerian nation will have a population of over 300 million inhabitants which is as the same as the present-day United States, the city of Lagos is expected to by then have a double-figure which will make it the third-largest city in the world.

There are many Nigerians who desire the chance or opportunity to work in Lagos as there are many benefits that come with it, however, while there are many benefits that are attached to working in the city of Lagos, there are also some other sidekicks that comes with working in Lagos.

The most important reason why people prefer to working in the City of Lagos is because of its economic viability, apart from its very high population which has already been explained in the opening paragraph of this piece. Lagos state has a very rich history of economic growth and development as it responsible for 60% of industrial and commercial activities in the nation Nigeria.

Financially the city of Lagos is monetarily strong and viable as generates above seventy-five of its income without the inclusion of federal grants which is gotten from oil revenues in the country. Among the thirty-six states in the nation, Lagos ranks highest as the state with the highest internally generated revenue.

It is as stated earlier the seventh most fastest-growing city in the world. When other states in the Nigerian federation hugely depend on oil revenues from the federal government to manage their respective states, the city of Lagos does not, instead it has a diversified economy as it uses the various sectors it has to generate its revenue. It has its manufacturing industry, transport, construction, service and logistics, retail, and the private sector.

Benefits of working in Lagos

Lagos is the gateway to other West Africa countries

One of the benefits of working in Lagos is that it’s considered to be the gateway to many other West African states, Countries like Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana share boundary with Lagos State, the same also applies to the Benin Republic which shares a land border with Lagos

Global city

Another benefit that comes with working in Lagos is the attention it commands as a global city. In the last few decades, the city of Lagos has risen to become one of the top global centers in the world for highly noted for its giant economic strides. Within Lagos, you get to see a big number of people from other nations of the nation world as they are evenly represented doing one business or the other or with their own respective company. Living in Lagos are important personalities and people of calibers who possess strong financial wits that can attract foreign investors and also the city of Lagos boast of multinational organizations and companies which job seekers in Nigeria can easily apply to for job opportunities providing that they have the right requirement

Large and accessible market for your goods and services

The city of Lagos with a population of about a 21million which comprises of individuals with the various economic levels with a very high demand for both consumer and industrial goods and products, if there’s anywhere you can think of that you can easily get your product sold without hassle providing you have the right market understanding and branding, Lagos is the right place to sell them and make money the right way. It’s a growing society which is opened to new ideas and innovations. The different arrays of people there give doing business in Lagos a boast and all you need to sell your goods and products or offer your services is that you are being strategic with it

Presence of international airport and seaport

Present in Lagos is the international airport and seaport through which you can reach any part of the world within the shortest period of time. Also with the presence of two seaports in Lagos State, it’s easier for people to export and import your goods from any part of the world. The exportation business in Nigeria is a lot easier when done in Lagos.

Top Ways to Get A Job in Lagos

  1. Dont just sit there!

One of the major requirements in getting a job in Lagos is that you have to be proactive and smart. Lagos is not for the lazy man or the complacent one. There are thousands of people searching for job opportunities in Lagos and in the same way, are opportunities daily which are made open by recruiting firms for job seekers in Nigeria. These limited job opportunities in Lagos are often met with huge competition from the large unemployed populace in Lagos, thus in this wise, you have to be sharp, smart, and very proactive. Do not just sit at home expecting that you will get a job on a platter of gold or because someone promised you a job somewhere so you have to depend on such connections. It may work for some, it may not work for you.

Inasmuch as you are not doing or engaging in illegal deals, take your destiny into your hands and add value to yourself, making yourself available and ready for any opportunity that may come your way.

  1. Nothing is just too small

It’s important that you have it at the back of your mind that nothing is too small to start within Lagos. The primary goal and objective are that you find a job, when you are starting it’s important and progressive-minded of you to have a target however do not be too rigid and hell-bent that you must get a job of 6 digits figures or start a business with a capital of one hundred million.

If you can get a large-paying job you can in the meantime seek a professional or practical experience that will add to your knowledge and will go a long way in increasing your profile when searching for job opportunities in Lagos.

There’s no denial getting a job in Lagos is a very difficult one for most people and as a result of this do not be choosey. Start small if you must, take up that job or start that business with that little fund that you have, keeping adding value and never stop seeking for more opportunities to grow and expand. Leverage on the growing market in Lagos, do not deny yourself of growing. If it’s that you are seeking a paying job if you get a decent job accept and live within your means and do not be swayed away by the fancy realities of Lagos. Living in Lagos is not easy, be wise and stay smart

  1. Hunt newspapers

This may be considered old-fashioned by many however it still works very well in Nigeria. The use of newspapers by recruiting companies to advertise their various job vacancies in Lagos. The good thing about these various newspaper companies is that their job advertisement is always updated, unlike some online platforms that do not update their platform regularly. An attentive track of these various national dailies keeps you up to date with the various new trends and happenings in Lagos as well as in the country. For example, the new economic policies affect business engagement in each state of the federation for those doing business in Nigeria. Also, there are many federal agencies and state parastatals that use the newspapers to run adverts for job opportunities in their respective agencies. Newspapers are affordable to get as many of them now have an online platform where you can reach out to them to get the latest information in Lagos and in Nigeria.

  1. The internet

The Internet is now a store where you can get a job with only a click on of a button. You can Google jobs related to your specialization and apply for them. This is the most potent tool of all, the wake of the 21st century has given rise to the advancement of virtual tools to making life easier for all. Job search in Nigeria has not been made easier with the advent of the internet  As against the Orthodox way where people has to trek shops for shops and offices from offices all in the name of searching for a job in Nigeria, you can now search for jobs anywhere in Nigeria with the use of the internet. There’s are various online platforms where you can reach out to search for the right job that suits your requirements. All you need to do is register with these sites and fill in the necessary details which you are been required to submit.

Once you submit your Curriculum vitae on these various online platforms it brings job-related to your skills and abilities. You can even learn how to write a Curriculum vitae online and also how to prepare for interview sessions. Another advantage of using these online platforms is that some of them teach and encourage you on how to start various jobs which you can start in Lagos. Eg starting a dry cleaning business, starting a fashion business, starting a real estate business among many others

Examples of sites that may support this are:

  • Naijahotjobs.Com
  • Jobberman.Com
  • JoblistNigeria.Com
  • NGCareers.CpmHotNigerianjobs.Com
  • JobsForNaija.Com
  • Jetheights.Comjobs.Naij.Com
  1. Freelancing/ remote Jobs

This is a job that you can easily do on your own without having to use anyone or stay under the authority of anyone. In doing freelance or remote jobs in Lagos all you need is the skills, there is no need for you to register your business or have to think about any tax laws  With freelance or remote works in Lagos you do not have to use any office as you can work from the comfort of your homes. As all you need is a good mobile phone or a personal computer which you can use to start this line of job in Lagos. A decent internet connection is also important. There are plenty of benefits that come with doing freelance jobs in Nigeria as well as Remote Jobs in Nigeria

6 Be innovative

The innovation they say is the mother of all inventions, I have established in this article that the city of Lagos has a large market for business inasmuch as it meets the needs of people. This is why it’s important as a job seeker that you are innovative. Sit down to brainstorm, study your immediate environment, and see if there are any needs that they need in the area. Once the need has been identified, work on making sure that the product is marketable.once it has been confirmed that it’s marketable reach out to your targeted areas and use your innovations to seek ways on how you can build on your products, goods, and services.

By Marcus Amudipe

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