How to Boost Your Employability Skills and Get Employed

Over the years, competition for job openings have remain highly competitive with only a sizeable number of people having the required skills to take on the particular job.

Employability skills typically are the talents, the traits that stand you out as the best candidate for an available Job. Thousands apply for Jobs all the time, but makes you different from the next person who has the same degree like you do? What stands you out? Are you presently in a role and you long to advance to a bigger role in your organization or you are job searching for another position; then this article is for you.

Let’s quickly consider some factors that can help you increase these employability skills below

  1. Education

I can’t over emphasize this enough, getting an education stand you in good stead and definitely boost your ability to be employable for that dream position. You can certainly achieve this by getting a relevant degree or certification. Are you just a starting out and want to snag that dream position; why not volunteer or apply for that internship position that can increase your employability.

I work in the industry and one of the many things I have done over the years to boost my employability skills is to regularly take courses, trainings that will boost my skills. I also regularly attend developmental programs that are also relevant to my industry from time to time.

  1. Be a Problem Solver

Employers are always on the lookout for persons with problem solving skills. Are you the type that sees problems and is more than ready to take them heads on and find solutions? Then, it stands you in good stead and definitely enhances your employability skills.

  1. Understand the value of Team work

An employer will rather hire someone who can work well with others than someone who doesn’t understand the value of team work. I say this regularly, for you to be a success in an organization and get to the very top, your people skills and ability to work with others rather than take the glory alone is very key.

  1. Communication Skills

Grow and improve your communication skills. I referenced people skills above; communication skills are also quite important. Been able to articulate your points or drive a discussion during interactions is a valuable asset that stands you out and help you greatly.

  1. Motivation

Employers generally love employees who are self-motivated and are determined to keep improving all the time. Push yourself to develop professionally, have set timelines for goals achievements, and outline your vision, including present and future plans. This certainly will stand you out.

  1. Develop your critical thinking skills

Critical thinking can greatly help you resolve problems; spur you to come up with out of the box solutions and ideals that cannot only help an organization but help with your self-development skills as well

  1. Learn to be Professional

In all you do or aspire to become, learn to be professional. Employers are constantly on the lookout for individuals whose integrity and character value systems are top notch; who take their job and tasks seriously and would always deliver. Learning to be professional at all times is very important. is Nigeria’s top job website where employers can easily post your jobs free of charge. Our biggest value is to help job seekers gain easy and free access to latest jobs in Nigeria 2020. We’re unique because we also publish articles to enhance people’s career, business promotion, job search, as well as economic, business and policy awareness.

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