How to Start a Data Science Career in Nigeria

With the increased expansion of the internet, the amount of data flying around has never been higher, and Companies and Individuals alike have been able to harness this data, with OpenAI launching ChatGPT in Late 2022, and Tesla launching FSD (Full Self Driving) in their cars, enabling their cars to automatically drive users all by the simple tap of a button.

Data Science, a field linked closely to Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Marketing and many others; Is a shiny, burgeoning area of Computer science, massively flourishing and proving lucrative to any person or organization that is able to crack it.

Starting a career in Data Science can be both exciting and daunting, especially if you are just starting out. However, the growth of  Data Science in Nigeria is undeniable and provides a great opportunity for those looking to embark on this career path.

Data science has become an increasingly important field for businesses in Nigeria. From leveraging insights from customer data to optimizing operational processes, data science is helping organizations to make better decisions and improve the way they do business.

There are many opportunities available for those wanting to start a career in Data Science in Nigeria. This article will guide you through the different steps needed to get started and provide insight into some of the best ways to find job opportunities within this field. It will also provide advice on how to stand out amongst other candidates and how to get hired.

What Is Data Science?

Data Science is the field of study that combines Programming, Mathematics, and Business analytics to uncover insights and solve complex problems. It has become increasingly popular in Nigeria in recent years due to its ability to provide solutions to a variety of business challenges.

Data Science is used in almost all industries today, from Retail and Finance to Healthcare and Government. It combines advanced statistical methods with sophisticated algorithms to create predictive models that uncover hidden patterns. This allows businesses to identify customer trends, build better products, optimize their operations, and make informed decisions.

Data Science involves collecting data from multiple sources, analyzing it, and transforming it into actionable insights. It requires knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, and R; Statistics; Machine learning; Linear algebra; Computer graphics; and Data visualization tools like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI. Data scientists also use specialized software such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark or Amazon Elastic Map Reduce for large-scale data processing projects.

By mastering these skills and techniques, you can start your Data Science career in Nigeria on the right footing.

Data Science and Data Analytics

A popular and exceptional Economics expert, Dan Ariely once spoke about Big Data and he said, “Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they’re doing it”

This ideology applies to a large amount of data terminology. A lot of people throw phrases around like “Data Analysis”, “Data Mining”, “Big Data”, “Data Science”, sometimes, even the experts have a hard time explicitly defining them. But here we focus on the most important distinctions relating to your career; The often-confused differences between Data Science and Data Analytics.

The Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

Data Science and Data Analytics are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they’re two distinct fields. Data analytics is the practice of collecting and analyzing data to answer questions and draw conclusions from the data. Data science, on the other hand, is a broader field that encompasses Data Analytics, as well as related disciplines such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and more.

Data scientists use their skills in techniques such as Problem-solving, Statistical analysis and Predictive modeling to uncover patterns in large datasets. They then use those patterns to build models that enable organizations to gain deeper insights into their businesses, improve decision-making, and increase efficiency. In short, data science is a more comprehensive approach to extracting knowledge from data than just traditional analytics.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Data Scientist?

It may come as no surprise that a Data Science career requires a certain set of technical skills. However, the ability to apply those skills algorithmically and analytically is just as important.

It may help to think of data science as a combination of three distinct skills:

  1. Programming Skills: You must know the basics of Programming languages such as Python, R, or SQL, and understand how to use libraries and packages for data analysis and visualization. However, if you’re new and want to learn coding, check out that cool link behind.
  2. Statistical Analysis Skills: You will need an understanding of Probability theory, Linear regression analysis, Machine learning algorithms, and Artificial intelligence technology, as well as other topics in explanatory analytics.
  3. Expertise with Cloud tools: You will also need experience with various cloud tools and programs. These involve programs like the Apache Hadoop Platform, Hive, and Amazon S3 which are software that helps aid in the computation of massive amounts of data. Now although this isn’t always a requirement, it is preferred in many cases.
  4. Business Skills: You should also have an understanding of how businesses run, including Finance and Economics, Marketing and Customer service processes, Industry trends, and more.

In addition to these technical skills, aspiring data scientists should also possess strong communication abilities to help translate complex data into coherent reports and persuasive presentations. An understanding of predictive analytics is also very beneficial when interpreting data in difficult situations or making decisions with unclear outcomes.

Where to Find Remote Jobs as a Data Scientist in Nigeria

With Nigeria’s Fast-growing status as a tech hub, the number of remote data science jobs available is also increasing, allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few avenues you can explore to find such positions:

Job Boards

You can use popular job boards like DelonApps, Glassdoor and LinkedIn to search for remote data science jobs in Nigeria. Make sure you tailor your resume specifically to data science positions and clearly articulate any relevant skills or experience that make you a competitive candidate.

Professional Networks

Networking within the Nigerian data science community can also go a long way in finding remote opportunities. Join groups on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to potential employers and stay up-to-date with the latest openings in this field.

Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru provide countless freelance opportunities for those looking for remote work as a data scientist. You will need to create an attractive profile with detailed information about your skills and experiences to stand out among the competition.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview in the Nigerian Data Science Field

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start applying for data science positions in Nigeria, then you need to be prepared for the job interview process. Here are some tips to make sure you stand out from other applicants:

Research the Company

It’s important to have a good understanding of the company you’re applying to work for, as this will give you an edge during the interview. Take some time to research their history, team structure, processes, and products—this will show that you’ve done your due diligence and prepared for the interview.

Practice Interview Questions

Before your interview, practice answering potential questions that might arise related to data science. Make sure you understand data science concepts thoroughly, from machine learning algorithms to data pipelines. This knowledge will demonstrate that you have what it takes to excel in a data science role.

Prepare Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio of past projects is essential when applying for a data science position in Nigeria. It’s also important that your portfolio is up-to-date and highlights your best work, as this will be used as a reference point during an interview.

Tips for Landing Your Dream Job in Nigeria’s Data Science Industry

Nigeria’s Data Science industry is growing at an impressive rate, and there are more opportunities than ever before for those looking to start a career in this field. To ensure your success, here are some tips to get your foot in the door:

  1. Gain Relevant Experience: Employers in Nigeria’s data science industry typically look for applicants with a certain level of experience in the field. One way to gain this experience is by working on projects related to data science or by taking courses in data analysis and machine learning.
  2. Take Advantage of Online Platforms: Many online platforms offer courses and tutorials related to data science, making it easy to learn new tools and techniques from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Network With Professionals: Attend events or join professional organizations related to data science. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry who may be willing to offer advice or even job referrals.
  4. Be Flexible With Location: While there are many great opportunities for data scientists based in Nigeria, it can be beneficial to be open to exploring opportunities outside of Nigeria as well if desired.

Following these tips can help you take advantage of Nigeria’s dynamic data science industry, so you can land your dream job!

So, You’ve learnt a lot from this Data Science breakdown; You’ve learnt what Data Science is, You’ve learnt the Skills needed to be a Data Scientist in Nigeria, You’ve also learnt tips on how to land a Data Science role. But because we love helping, here is a list of the Top 10 Data Science Jobs in Nigeria.

Top 10 Data Science Jobs in Nigeria

Data Science is a rapidly growing field in Nigeria, offering promising career opportunities. Here is a list of the Top 10 Data Science jobs available in the Country today:

  1. Data Analyst: Data Analysts work with large data sets to identify patterns and trends, allowing organizations and businesses to make informed decisions.
  2. Business Intelligence Analyst: Business Intelligence Analysts use their expertise to identify areas where money can be saved or increased, helping companies stay competitive in their respective markets.
  3. Data Engineer: Data Engineers design and manage the systems used to store and organize data, making sure all of an organization’s data is secure and easily accessible.
  4. Data Scientist: Data Scientists combine several skills to extract valuable insights from large sets of complex data, which can then be used to improve products or services.
  5. Machine Learning Engineer: As the name implies, Machine Learning Engineers design and maintain the systems used for identifying patterns in data using sophisticated algorithms.
  6. Big Data Architect: Big Data Architects focus on designing and implementing software solutions that help organizations process large amounts of data efficiently and securely.
  7. Analytics Consultant: Analytics Consultants advise companies on how best to utilize their data by providing strategic insight on how they can gain competitive advantage through analytics-driven insights.
  8. Data Visualization Designer: Data Visualization Designers are responsible for creating dynamic visuals that make it easy for businesses to understand insights from their datasets quickly and effectively
  9. Data Security Analyst: A Data Security Analyst is responsible for ensuring the security of an organization’s data.


Nigeria offers an array of possibilities for those looking to start their Data Science careers. With the growing demand for Data Science skills, there are more remote Data Science jobs than ever before and with a variety of industries to choose from. By leveraging the skills and knowledge you have acquired in the field of Data Science, you can find success in the fast-paced Nigerian Data Science industry. Whether you’re looking for an established company or to launch your own data science startup, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore. Don’t let your dreams of a Data Science career be stifled; take advantage of the rich resources and opportunities Nigeria has to offer and make the most of your career journey.

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