Admin/Human Resource Officer – AHRO221

Job Information

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    Category Admin & HR Jobs
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    Posted On Nov 1 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Win-scope Ltd
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Job Description


  1. Keeping digital and analog records of workers, such as PTO requests and employment contracts
  2. Update internal databases with information on new hires
  3. Create and disseminate FAQs and guidelines for company policy.
  4. Compile payroll information, such as bank accounts and working days.
  5. Post and take down job listings
  6. Control management's communication with the workers
  7. Control client communications
  8. Set up employment interviews and get in touch with applicants as necessary
  9. Manage the onboarding of clients.
  10. Prepare presentations and reports on metrics relating to human resources, such as the overall number of hires per department.
  11. Maintaining office records, such as inventory
  12. keeping track of attendance
  13. Create onboarding and training materials
  14. Keeping track of client databases and transactions
  15. Answer any inquiries from staff members on benefits, such as the number of vacation days they are entitled to.
  16. Staff performance evaluations and reviews