Administrative Officer

Job Information

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    Category Admin Jobs
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    Posted On May 1 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

  1. i) Conduct systematic review of office premises to ensure a good and secure working environment for all staff members including the Associate Consultants by undertaking all actions necessary to arrange office cleaning
  2. ii) Make arrangement for procurement, maintenance and repair of equipment, services and supplies in accordance with budgetary plans and allocations

iii) Periodically conduct systematic review of organizational policies, operating systems and internal controls to ensure they are congruent to the principles and aims of the Company

  1. iv) Meeting with clients and maintain good client relations to promote the image of NCCL
  2. v) Risk management and documentation control to achieve organizational effectiveness
  3. vi) Assist various departments of the Company in preparation of different reports i.e. expression of interest (EOI), proposals, plans & budgets for presentation to Board of Directors, Donors, Partners and Beneficiaries

vii) Assisting with preparation of tenders and proposals for new business