Animal Scientist/Farm Owner – ASFO221

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    Category Freelance & Consulting Jobs
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    Posted On Nov 8 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name HT-Limited
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Job Description


  1. To enhance goods or procedures, carry out study on animal breeding, management, and/or nutrition.
  2. Inform farmers about new products and methods that could help them produce more animals.
  3. Learn about the dietary needs of animals and the nutrient content of animal feed.
  4. Examine how management practices, processing techniques, nutrition, and/or environmental factors affect the quality and output of animal products like milk and eggs.
  5. Improve animal housing, sanitation, food, and/or parasite and illness management procedures.
  6. To improve animal quality and production efficiency, do research on and control breeding and animal selection techniques.
  7. Utilizing genetics concepts, ascertain the genetic make-up of animal populations and the heritability of attributes.