Application Support Developer – ASD221

Job Information

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    Category IT Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 17 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name TriVersa Ltd
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Job Description


  1.  Assist in the development of maintenance plans for each application and carry out application maintenance, including re-configuring, building, and testing components in accordance with OLAs and SLAs. 
  2. To ensure the application is free of the most common coding vulnerabilities, code it in accordance with good security coding practices.
  3.  Develop and carry out technical test plans for application changes, new deployments, and upgrades. 
  4. Take part in the transition of application or technical architecture components to testers.Repair any flaws or performance issues discovered during testing.
  5.  Continuous service performance monitoring to ensure maximum service availability.Access controls to supported systems that are effective.
  6.  Broad understanding of business processes in the telecommunications industry. 
  7. Knowledge of IT support procedures, application development, hardware technologies, systems integration, and development techniques is required.