Associate Software Product Manager – ASPM221

Job Information

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    Category IT Jobs
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    Posted On Nov 17 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Salvo International Agency
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Job Description

Job Description
You are required to work with and assist the product manager in the following areas:

  1. Identify product gaps through continuous market and customer research
  2. Generate ideas that create new products and optimize existing products based on customer and market needs
  3. Create an end-to-end product strategy (short and long-term) that highlights the product's vision and strategic direction
  4. Prioritize feature implementations by ranking them against the strategic goals and initiatives
  5. Creating and updating your product roadmap detailing the project requirements and how they will be achieved
  6. Develop strategic and data-driven product pricing and positioning strategies
  7. Team up with the Growth team to deliver successful product launches that are in alignment with product strategy
  8. Manage the Product team to design, build and roll-out products that deliver the company’s vision and strategy under your guidance
  9. Perform short and long-term product reporting on successes, shortcomings, and optimizations
  10. Forecast potential product reception, identify potential opportunities and risks
  11. Understanding product briefs and working with clients to fine-tune them.
  12. Taking charge of product development.
  13. Preparing budgets, allocating resources, and delegating tasks.
  14. Ensuring product development is on track and adjusting schedules as required.
  15. Working with various design teams to produce product prototypes. • Conducting market research and obtaining consumer feedback on products.
  16. Coordinating departments and creative teams.
  17. Identifying weaknesses in prototypes and making the necessary changes.
  18. Obtaining feedback from clients, designers, and engineers, and adjusting product specifications as needed

Job Requirement and Duties

  1. Candidates should possess a Bachelor's Degree, HND or Master's Degree qualification
  2. You have minimum of one years plus experience in product management in a Fintech, HealthTech or EdTech or related industry.
  3. Requirement: 1- 2 years Cognate Experience
  4. You are a driven, ambitious individual who’s excited about working in Product Management and looking to build their career at an exciting very-fast-growing startup.
  5. You’re highly research oriented and able to collect and analyse user feedback and useful product data.
  6. You have strong attention to detail and can deliver effectively against tight deadlines.
  7. You’re friendly and able to work well with others: This role is highly collaborative, and we’d prefer someone who is able to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams.
  8. You’re great at using Product & Project Management Tools e.g Jira
  9. You’re familiar with design tools including Figma, Adobe XD to conduct reviews and give constructive feedback to the design team.
  10. You’ve been told you’re a highly creative person and have the ability to solve complex problems.
  11. You have demonstrated the ability to manage projects, bring clarity to ambiguous questions, and chart a path forward.
  12. You listen to others, take feedback and ask the right questions
  13. You are a great collaborator and teacher and have passion for learning and growth
  14. You are eager to learn new skills, solve complex problems, and work closely with diverse teams, including Design and Engineering.
  15. You know how to do more with less, and you've worked on lean teams that have had a large impact
  16. You are not afraid of big challenges, and you do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  17. Calm even in the face of chaos, have a can-do attitude and follow up on pending queries.
  18. Must have a fully functioning laptop.

Interested and qualified candidates should apply by electronic mail to: using the steps below:

  1. The Email subject "Application for The Role of (Job Title)
  2. Send links to your past and current portfolios.
  3. Closing remark: provide your full name and phone number
  4. Attachment: Attach a Simple CV in respect to the Job.

Note: Only Qualified candidates will be shortlisted and contacted, do not apply if you need excess supervision or have never worked in this capacity previously.