Catering Camp Boss – CCB221

Job Information

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    Category Admin & HR Jobs
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    Posted On Jul 26 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Olman Business Solutions
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Job Description


  1. Responsible for operational activities in the camp or rig under his supervision, ensuring the daily good management of the location.
  2. Carry out the daily, weekly and monthly duties as laid out by the Company and below detailed.
  3. Fill and keep record of administrative forms in accordance with the Company rules.
  4. Manage catering crew working at the camp and increase their motivation.
  5. Supervise and take part to the training of staff, according to the rules of HSE, Food Hygiene and Safety, HACCP, etc.
  6. Responsible for requests made to warehouse, stocking and stock checking in addition to cost control reporting according to the rules made by the Company, always ensuring a minimum stock quantity for each item.
  7. Responsible for cold and dry stores in the location.
  8. Monthly Inventory with reported expiry date of all products.
  9. Inventory and record of sales of mini-market or bonded store (in case it exists), filling the relative form.
  10. P.O.B. duly signed by the Client or his Representative.
  11. Records of extra services and sales rendered to Clients, duly signed by the Client, reporting the number of budgeted Projects or refer to object or person, to be invoiced.
  12. Keep a record and recap of the weekly menu agreed with the Client, duly signed by the Client and Camp Boss, and sent to the main office, with all documents.
  13. Keep a record and recap of: Daily presences of the Client, Daily inventory, Cash and market movement in proper forms, Recap of extra sales to the Client.
  14. Fill the Local staff Time sheet and attendance register.
  15. Responsible for the effective cleaning of the kitchen and all its corresponding areas, the dining area and stores, in accordance with the food Hygiene and Safety rules.
  16. Supervise the preparation of all meals and ensure that menus established are being adhered to.
  17. Ensure that all food, products, and merchandise are in conformity with the Company standards.
  18. Ensure that a delicate part of the fridge is dedicated to sample foods which must be kept for 72 hrs in accordance with the Company procedure.
  19. Ensure that all staff, Local and Expatriates, wear PPE, clean uniforms always and that the food handling staff always wear disposable hand gloves and hats, not only during service.
  20. Ensure that the housekeeping of the accommodation should be carried out in line with reviewed standards, everyday and whenever required.
  21. Ensure that the laundry schedule is carried out accordingly, instructing the Local staff on how to use the various cleaning products and regularly daily, draw to their attention the safety procedures during use.
  22. Carry out regular inspections of the accommodation, common areas, dining area, stores (dry and cold rooms) to ensure that cleaning and maintenance work have been carried out in accordance with Company and CLIENT rules.
  23. It is compulsory to be always present on the food line during the meal service as this is an essential element of your duty.