Consultants Request for Revision

  • 2 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Sep 17 ,2018

Job Description

  1. To map all relevant stakeholders

  2. To coordinate with the Ministry Health and other relevant partners during the development of the immunization policy and strategic plan

  3. To convene all partners to improve existing drafts and finalize the immunization policy and strategic plan

  4. To consult with National immunization and vaccines programme (NVIP) and Division of Disease Surveillance and Response (DDSR) to develop appropriate data collection tools

  5. To carry out literature and desk review

  6. To collect relevant data and materials

  7. To conduct situational analysis of current immunization landscape in Kenya.

  8. To review the existing/current draft documents: the draft immunization strategic plan, the 2013 immunization policy

  9. To interview any relevant stakeholders on specific items

  10. To do costing of Immunization Strategic Plan

  11. To revise the immunization policy to incorporate new developments and finalize drafting of immunization strategic plan in conjunction with NVIP, DDSR and immunization partners

  12. To coordinate and facilitate convening of a stakeholder’s forum to validate the draft documents

  13. To present the two documents to the stakeholder’s forum and revise the draft informed by the inputs from the stakeholders