Corn Mill / Feed Mill Factory Manager

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    Category West Africa Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 12 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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Job Description

  • Having Good understanding and knowledge of all feed mill production industry processes and best practices.
  • Prepare strategic and operational plans for Factory to ensure that all necessary tools, processes and systems are in place to meet the requirements of the business and contribute to the achievement of short and long-term goals of the company.
  • Manage and provide oversight for the implementation of any strategy or plan that management decides on.
  • Ensure development, implementation and maintenance of all policies related to operations including; procurement, distribution and asset management.
  • Coordination with marketing and merchandising teams for future orders, present order status, and product costing and to discuss capacity status of the factory(s). He takes decision to accept any order or not when there is less margin.
  • Production planning, Material planning and machinery planning is done or reviewed by him.
  • Production monitoring and follow up day to day production from each line and ensures that production units meet the production target.
  • Factory work study/industrial engineering: Follow up industrial engineering functions and systems.
  • Quality of the finished product: He ensures that factory produces quality product at minimum cost. He ensures that only quality goods are shipped to the buyers.
  • Ensures smooth flow of information and material from one department to another. He resolves inter-departmental issues if there