Credit Analyst

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    Posted On Jun 22 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Confidential
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Job Description

Under the oversight of the Senior Credit Analyst and overall supervision of Chief Risk Officer, your functions and duties shall be as follows:

  • For a given set of countries, analyse and monitor the general economic and political environmentinsofar it affects the creditworthiness of companies, including:

Key sectors of the economy and their performance

Quality and availability of information on companies

The regulatory environment i.e. government regulations and policies towards commercialentities

The legal environment i.e. security perfection, bankruptcy and legal ways for debt collection

  • Undertake financial analysis of corporate customers using credit skills, ratio analysis; evaluation ofparent support policies; judgement of management and strategy. In this respect, analyse historicaland projected financial statements of potential and existing obligors, as well as potential and existingATI insured’s; monitor receipt of quarterly/annual financial information and credit grading of accountsfor annual review; monitor the quality of ATI’s credit exposure portfolio by ensuring that limits areconsistent and respected, and to identify and signal early warning signs of credit deterioration
  • Review and update (as may be required from time to time) the organisation’s credit informationdatabase and obligor underwriting system
  • Evaluate and understand risks associated with individual applications for insurance, the underlyingproject, parent support policies, quality of management and strategy and recommend appropriate riskmitigation measures
  • Ensure compliance with ATI’s policies, including the provisions of the operations manual and ensurethat ATI’s policy breaches are properly authorised at the correct senior approving level
  • Have contacts with key clients, banks and obligors in order to develop both general intelligenceon a given sector or region and specific information about private obligors and public buyers
  • Evaluate and document the soundness of the credit management policies of lenders and traders;
  • Contribute to debt collection and risk mitigation actions