Critical Care Nurse

Job Information

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    Category Other Healthcare Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 25 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name International Medical Corps
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Job Description

  • Provide daily nursing care to the patients admitted in the unit or in the facility.
  • Define the human resource needs for nursing team in the unit and supervise the associated processes (recruitment, validation of nursing staff, training/induction, evaluation, communication).
  • In collaboration with the Hospital Director and the project team leader, develop SOPs and guidelines for the nursing team working in Intensive care/ Isolation unit. Follow up on implementation of the SOPs and clinical pathways and provide on-job training to the staff.
  • Draft a training needs for the health facility and develop a training plan in accordance with available resources. Provide on job training on attending to the overall patient needs; intubation, ventilation and Basic and Advance Life Support to the staff working in the health facility.
  • Train and support the nursing team in providing physical assessments and administering treatments; monitoring vital signs and ensuring the proper functions of feeding tubes, ventilators, catheters and other life support equipment.
  • In collaboration with the rest of the emergency team, develop standard list of items, medications and equipment and ensure all necessary kits are available for intubation, resuscitation and critical care management of patients admitted in the unit.
  • In collaboration with the Biomedical Engineer, ensure good functioning and maintenance of OT equipment (oxygen extractor, ventilation, equipment, etc).
  • Advise on identification and management of critical patients in both Intensive Care Unitand wards with the responsible medical staff, including fluid management, oxygenation monitoring and airway care and chest physiotherapy and mobilization, with special focus on patient’s pain relief during the recovering process