Customer Relations Officer

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    Category Customer Service Representative Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 23 ,2022
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    Qualifications Ordinary National Diploma
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    Employer Name Victoria Adeoye
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Job Description


Customer Relation Officer, is responsible for engaging with customers on behalf of their company. Duties include answering phone calls or emails from customers to answer questions, participating in meetings with the customer service team to discover new communication tactics and maintaining expert knowledge about company products or services to best help customers.


• Providing introductory information to new customers.

• Ensuring that customers are satisfied with products or services.

• Following up with clients or customers to check that they’re still satisfied with any purchases.

• Letting customers or clients know about additional products or services.

• Determining the quickest, most effective ways to answer a client’s or customer’s questions

• Escalating queries and concerns

• Troubleshooting common issues with a product or service

• Working with a team of CSRs and other departments to find appropriate solutions.


• Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication or other Communication related fields. 

• Interpersonal and customer service skills

• Analytical and problem-solving skills

• Multitasking and organizational skills

• Ability to answer a high volume of calls and/or emails daily

• Ability to share work among a customer service team

• Attentiveness and patience

• Time-management skills

• Ability to find the positive in any situation