Customer Service Representative – CR222

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Maintain client interaction logs, handle customer accounts, and file paperwork.
  2. Observe communication protocols, rules, and regulations.
  3. Go above and beyond to engage customers.
  4. Respond to client complaints on social media, by phone, email, or in writing.
  5. Contact customers and check account details over the phone.
  6. Greet them warmly and find out their issue or calling cause.
  7. Account cancellation or upgrade.
  8. aid in order placement, refunds, or exchanges.
  9. Information on the company, please.
  10. Obtain payment information as well as other necessary details like addresses and phone numbers.
  11. Place orders or cancel them.
  12. Respond to inquiries regarding guarantees or purchase terms.
  13. serve as the gatekeeper for the company.
  14. Whenever a product fails, offer fixes.
  15. Take care of product recalls.
  16. Encourage the customer to reconsider canceling.
  17. Customer education on specials and offer.s
  18. Selling goods.