Data Analyst: DA221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. After receiving the required approvals, review and implement energy modifications.
  2. Total energy adjustment reconciliation is done every month.
  3. Review the Business Units’ reconciliation papers before setting up your prepaid accounts on Ultima and the AMI Platform.
  4. All new Prepaid accounts (CIS & Ultima) must be set up on the vending platforms in accordance with predetermined procedures.
  5. It is your responsibility to investigate and address consumer complaints utilizing statistical methods and a compiled database.
  6. Create and put into use data collecting to minimize errors and maximize effectiveness.
  7. When requests are submitted from business units, evaluate and distribute the debt owed by customers.
  8. Updating the NMD database.
  9. In charge of handling PPM platform concerns relating to consumer vending.
  10. Investigate and fix problems with offline clients’ profiles.
  11. Daily certification reports and quality checks for installations.
  12. Ensuring adherence to established installation standards through.

           Salary Range:

       ₦50,000 – ₦100,000