Data Validation Intern-DVI221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. The creation, updating, and deletion of master data.
  2. Governing user roles and users.
  3. Ensure the quality of imported data, if necessary collaborating with quality assurance analysts.
  4. Data set commissioning and decommissioning.
  5. Processing sensitive information and data in accordance with regulations.
  6. Helping to create analyses and reports.
  7. Taking into account data sources, security, and metadata, managing and developing the reporting environment
  8. Helping the data warehouse to determine and update reporting needs.
  9. Supporting activities for data harmonization and integrity.
  10. Evaluating testing, putting new or upgraded software into use, and helping to make strategic choices about new systems.
  11. Creating reports using one or more systems.
  12. Troubleshooting the reports and reporting database environment.
  13. Assessing the effects of upgrades and changes to source production systems.
  14. Educating end users about new dashboards and reports.
  15. Supplying technical knowledge for data storage.

   N50,000 – N100,000 / Month.