Digital Heritage Specialists – DHS221

Job Information

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    Category Sales & Marketing Jobs
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    Posted On Aug 8 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Edo Museum of West African Art
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Job Description


  1. Record high-quality 2D and 3D digital imagery of heritage items, including documents, objects, buildings and landscapes.
  2. Process and refine digitized content for EMOWAA’s on-going studies and public viewing.
  3. Develop prototypes and reconstructions of digitized works for research, educational and display purposes, including 3D printing, plaster, virtual reality and augmented reality models.
  4. Support the scoping, design and development of EMOWAA’s virtual collection, digital mapping facility and e-learning projects.

Research & Archive Management

  1. Ensure appropriate labeling of all digitized content in line with international metadata standards and EMOWAA’s archive(s).
  2. Manage and ensure timely updates to EMOWAA’s digital catalogue and other internal data management filing systems, adhering to our strict data security protocols.
  3. Contribute to background research (including field exercises) in line with key research questions set out on related projects.
  4. Draft of progress reports for internal circulation and contribute to donor/partner reporting.

Platform Development & Engagement

  1. Contribute to the design and implementation of EMOWAA’s digital platforms and products.
  2. Produce project write ups and content for events and publications, working closely with the Head of Communications and Education & Outreach Coordinator.
  3. Provide recommendations for EMOWAA’s digital infrastructure regularly interfacing with the IT & Data Management Specialist.
  4. Support data analytics of stakeholder mapping and trends on the interest/use of digital technologies with target groups to inform EMOWAA’s initiatives.