Digital Sales Executive -DSE221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Conduct market research to determine product opportunities and assess client demands.
  2. Actively look for new business prospects by networking, cold phoning, and social media.
  3. Prepare a presentation on products and services and deliver it appropriately.
  4. Regularly produce assessments and reports using sales and financial information.
  5. Work together with teammates to produce greater results.
  6. Deal-making, deal-closing, and handling complaints or objections
  7. Obtain client or potential customer input, then present it to internal teams
  8. Help in developing strategies to create enduring digital connections with customers
  9. Plan and keep track of your company’s continuing social media presence.
  10. Publish optimized web ads through Google Ad words, blogs, and other channels to raise brand and company exposure.
  11. Be actively involved in SEO efforts (keyword, image optimization).
  12. Create promotional emails and web newsletters.