Distribution Project Manager

Job Information

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    Category West Africa Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 17 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name ACTED
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    Contact Email jobs@acted.org

Job Description

1. Project planning

  • Develop a global project implementation strategy, systems, methods, tools and materials
  • Organize project launch and closing meetings
  • Plan the different stages of project implementation and give directives by prioritizing and organizing activities and resources to achieve the project objectives

2. Monitoring of project implementation

  • Supervise and manage the implementation of the project by ensuring that quality and technical standards are taken into account and respected during the implementation of the project
  • Organize regular project coordination meetings with the project team
  • Ensure that budget consumption and the achievement of targeted objectives are reviewed at least once a month as planned in the work plan
  • Ensure that projects are implemented on time, in terms of objectives and budget, using effective M&E systems to achieve the desired impacts
  • Ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with the relevant ACTED technical guides and standards
  • Anticipate and mitigate risks and resolve all unforeseen challenges during project implementation
  • Regularly update the work plan, results monitoring, PMF and other relevant documents for effective project management

3. Administration and operational management of project implementation


  • Review BFU (s) and provide accurate forecasts with BOQs
  • Forecast monthly cash requirements for the project and submit them to the AC.


  • Contribute to the development of purchasing plans
  • Send accurate and timely purchase orders
  • Contribute to quality controls and purchasing committees to finalize the selection of suppliers according to the applicable scenario
  • Confirm the quality of the material chosen if and when necessary
  • Ensure proper management and use of stocks and equipment for the project
  • Plan team trips based on the available fleet and applicable procedures

Administration / HR

  • Participate in the recruitment of the technical team (development of organizational charts, ToRs, development and review of tests, interviews, etc.)
  • Ensure that the project team understands and is able to fulfill their roles and responsibilities
  • Monitor the work plans and day-to-day activities of the project team
  • Lead the project team by collaborating with zone coordinators
  • Ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics
  • Perform regular team assessments and monitor career management
  • Manage inter-personal conflicts
  • Build team skills in relevant areas