Electrical Distribution Utility Customer Connection Specialist

Job Information

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    Category Other Engineering Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 16 ,2020
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    Qualifications Master's Degree
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    Employer Name RTI International

Job Description

The Electrical Distribution Utility Customer Connection Specialist will be responsible for overseeing the characterization and analysis of existing utility processes for connecting new customers and developing improved connection practices. This includes all procedures, practices, and software systems, as well as all mechanisms used to identify new customers and prioritize their connection, i.e. scheduling, performing, inspecting, and managing the supply chain for meters, service drops, and all other required materials.

She/he will be responsible for identifying and rectifying bottlenecks in the current processes and procedures. These bottlenecks may be shortcomings of materials, poorly trained personnel, or inefficient or missing procedures. She/he will identify and characterize changes to be made to existing practices, prioritizing them based on cost, ease of implementation, and expected impact. She/he will identify any training requirements of existing staff and any need for additional staff, if necessary. The candidate will support staff training and provide oversight of utility teams in the implementation of improved procedures.

To apply kindly click the link : https://rtiint.referrals.selectminds.com/international/jobs/electrical-distribution-utility-customer-connection-specialist-4160?src=JB-10203