Electrician – E221

Job Information

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    Category IT Jobs
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    Posted On Jul 21 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Design Fairy Studio
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    Contact Email designfairystudiorecruit@gmail.com

Job Description


  1. electrical control, wiring, and lighting system installation, upkeep, and repair.
  2. performing routine maintenance on the electricity.
  3. examining circuit breakers, transformers, and other electrical parts.
  4. utilizing the proper testing equipment to troubleshoot electrical problems.
  5. equipment, electrical wiring, and fixtures repair and replacement.
  6. observing state and municipal building codes and the National Electrical Code.
  7. doing corrective maintenance on circuit breakers.
  8. maintaining thorough knowledge of various testing tools, as well as heating and air conditioning systems.
  9. Regularly check the functionality and code compliance of the electrical equipment, wiring, fixtures, and other parts, as well as look for any potential hazards.
  10. Create a maintenance or repair plan to address any system or component problems by identifying their causes.