Field Support Specialist

  • Full time
  • 2 years ago
  • Telecom

Job Information

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    Category Other Engineering Jobs
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    Posted On Nov 3 ,2022
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    Qualifications HND/Bachelor's degree
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    Employer Name ipNX Nigeria Limited
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    Contact Email [email protected]

Job Description

Job Description:

1. Coordinate user support efforts by diagnosing network and 
device problems and implementing technical or procedural solutions.
2. Implements proactive maintenance and sets up system 
monitoring, to reduce equipment failure and incident response 
3. Manage maintenance and repair programs, making sure there 
are no service failures.
4. Perform efficient field service activities, including on-site 
installation, upgrades, preventive maintenance and system repairs.
5. Prepare regular reports on all inspections and work orders as 
may be necessary.
6. Proactively anticipate potential safety hazards and be prepared 
to undertake any emergency actions required.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or 
relevant discipline (2:1/ Upper credit minimum).
2. 2+ years of Fibre/FTTH Operations
3. Fundamental knowledge of network design and 
layout as well as fibre cabling.
4. Demonstrable capability to form and lead tactical response teams to resolve specific technical issues 
by delivering root-cause remediation and successful timely implementation
5. An ability to deliver results in highly complex, technically challenging situations where collaboration 
across multiple teams is required
6. Excellent analytical and quantitative skills; ability to use hard data and metrics to back up 
assumptions and develop business cases.
7. Experience working in the Telecommunications 
industry with a track record of technical