Final Evaluation Consultant (‘Way Forward’ Project)

Job Information

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    Posted On Jun 25 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Search for Common Ground (SFCG)

Job Description

  • Search seeks to evaluate to what extent the project’s objectives were achieved.  These are the specific objectives of the evaluation:
  • To determine the outcomes and impact of the project since inception to date in building community resilience to violence
  • To determine the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing the project, including who contributed to or hindered these, and what lessons we can learn.
  • To determine to what extent the project built and/or leveraged on the capacity of women and youth to have potential or existing influence over conflict and violence dynamics at the community LGA and state level, and the impact of this influence.
  • To what extent has the intervention been coordinated with the efforts of the communities, LGA and government in ending electoral violence’s.
  • The extent to which the COVID 19 pandemic affected the conflict, project  objectives, implementation and sustainability

This learning will be shared with Search and its donor on the project, the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau for Conflict and Stabilization Operations. It will also be made available to community stakeholders and other development partners. The report will also be published on the Search website after sensitive details have been removed.

Evaluation Methods:

  • Using Search’s tools and guidelines for working with project beneficiaries, the study will bring the perspectives of different stakeholders together through a participatory and solutions-oriented process that specifically includes women, youth, and other marginalized groups.
  • The evaluation will be conducted using a mixed methodology that includes both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis methods. This will allow for the triangulation of information, allowing for in-depth findings and recommendations.
  • The study, from conception to recommendations will be grounded on conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm principles, to ensure that the needs of women and youths are met, in ways that do not entrench dividing lines between various groups in the community.
  • Operationalization of this proposed methodology is to be clearly stated in the application, detailing how this research and methodology is actionable in the states and to the purpose of the evaluation. In addition, the application  should include details on logistics and roll-out of the study: who the target respondents will be and why, how will they be identified or recruited, how data collection and data quality assurance will be carried out, as well as how data analysis will be done.