Head of Digital and Technology- HDT221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Create specifications and keep budgets for the required IT gear to enable the organization’s goals of EMOWAA to be effectively carried out.
  2. Determine and prioritize the necessary software to fulfill the general objectives of EMOWAA and the requirements of specialized digital initiatives.
  3. Manage the purchase of hardware and software, making sure to get the best deal possible when negotiating with vendors based on EMOWAA’s charitable status.
  4. Maintain a constant program of hardware and software maintenance, upgrades, and licensing to make that EMOWAA stays at the forefront of digital capability.
  5. For all EMOWAA IT users, an effective and efficient IT support system was built.
  6. oversee the daily operations of the EMOWAA’s digital program, which includes a virtual collection, a digital library, and a mapping facility.
  7. Create a core group of IT/data experts who can provide line management,
  8. Ensure databases created for individual projects and in EMOWAA’s core operations are designed in accordance with the needs of users and of long-term data access
  9. Develop sustainable digital archives, factoring in the long-term management, preservation and accessibility of EMOWAA’s digital data
  10. Identify partner institutions that can support these aims and, were appropriate, to develop collaborative relationships and projects.