Internal Control Officer – ICO221

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    Posted On Jul 23 ,2020

Job Description


  1. Verify and record goods to be transferred/loaded from the:
    1. Processing plant to the cold storage room on a daily basis.
    2. Cold storage room into the truck/vehicles on a daily basis.
    3. Items purchased by the procurement unit at all time.
  2. Conduct the following activities on a periodic basis:
    1. Price verification/market survey including keeping data bank of price lists.
    2. Unannounced cash count with the petty cash officer.
    3. Stock count exercise.
    4. Post-payment audit on payment vouchers.
  3. Prepare and send monthly report to the Head of Internal Audit for review and requisite action.
  4. Monitor reconciliation of stock position in accounts department with that of the store keeper.
  5. Conduct audit check of on the following:
    1. Impress 
    2. Prepayments and accruals to ensure compliance.
    3. Trade debtors and creditors ledgers.
    4. Sales control account.
    5. Asset/scrap disposal bidding process.
    6. Wages Payroll.
  6. Suggest to the Head of Internal Audit relevant controls that would help in militating against identified risks or gap in the process flow.
  7. Document and prepare reports on identified control issues discovered in the course of the vetting process and how they were resolved.
  8. Monitor daily reconciliation of goods received and sold at retail outlet.
  9. Periodic review of the following activities, process, or information;
    1. Vendor creation, customer creation (Agreements), credit setting for customers.
    2. Capex project briefs and compliance with procedures.
    3. Bank Reconciliation Statements of all company’s Accounts.
  10. Ensure adherence to the credit control (Receivables, staff float outstanding) policy.
  11. And any other functions that may be assigned from time to time by the management towards the attainment of organizational goal.