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    Posted On Jul 9 ,2020
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    Qualifications Master's Degree
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    Employer Name Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion
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Job Description

Objectives, tasks and supervision of the consultancy

The objective of the consultancy is the creation of communication supports of the PRODECO project in order to reinforce the visibility and facilitate the capitalization of the PRODECO project

At the national level, the targets of this communication are the beneficiaries of the project, the communities and the local authorities of the intervention provinces (BET), the national authorities, the technical and financial partners working in Chad. At European and international level, this communication must reach the general European public (who know little about Chad and the project).

More specifically, this consultancy aims to: **

  • Propose communication support templates: Brochure, presentation brochure, kakemono poster on the project, posters on project activities, letter template for the consortium, PowerPoint template for the consortium;

  • For each medium proposed, the consultant will take care to develop a common framework on behalf of the Consortium;

  • All products must comply with the visibility rules of the European Union and respect the image and values ​​of HI;

  • Printing of the media will be provided by HI Tchad.

To achieve these objectives, the tasks are as follows:

  • Design of the canvas of communication supports;

  • Correction of proofs.

The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the PRODECO Consortium Coordinator. At the technical level, he (she) will work in close collaboration with the communication managers of HI based in Chad and at the headquarters of HI (in Lyon, FRANCE).

For the various communication media, the consultant will take care to integrate the recommendations of the PRODECO Consortium transmitted via the Coordinator of the PRODECO Consortium.

4. Service schedule

The total duration of the service is estimated at 3 days (days to be determined).

  • Start of contract: 08/24/2020

  • Transmission of the final version of the first canvas of supports (brochure, presentation brochure, kakemono, posters, letter template and PowerPoint slide): 08/26/2020

NB : The date of the mission could be postponed or revised depending on the evolution of the context linked to the COVID19 pandemic

5. Methodology

At the start of the contract, HI Tchad will transmit the information available to the consultant (project documents, existing photos, logo of the members of the Consortium, European Union rules on visibility and graphic charter, etc.). These data will be provided in the form of a Word, Excel, PDF, Publisher file. On this basis, the consultant will propose support canvas, with a layout and suitable colors.

The consultant will maintain constant exchanges with the Consortium Coordinator and the communication officers, and will consult them on the various proposals for models, colors, etc.

The provisional version of the support canvas will be validated by HI. Following this validation, the consultant will integrate the comments received to produce the final version of the support framework.

The consultant must ensure that the support frameworks are in compliance with the European Union communication rules, the brand image and the values ​​of HI (as Lead Partner of the Consortium)