Investment Analyst – IA221

Job Information

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    Category Accounting & Audit Jobs
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    Posted On Jul 28 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Michael Stevens Consulting
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Job Description


  1. Hold initial orientation meetings with the provincial stakeholders at various levels;
  2. Continue networking to identify potential SMEs in the respective region;
  3. Arrange and conduct seminars, workshops, and media campaigns to attract potential entrepreneurs in the province;
  4. Conduct the technical feasibility and economic viability study for each of the potentials and interested SMEs;
  5. Market the firms products and services;
  6. Develop a business plan and followed by a detailed business support action plan for each of the targeted SMEs;
  7. Assist the SMEs in preparing their loan applications and brief them on the general procedures and requirements of the various financial institutions in the region;
  8. Establish backwards linkages with community suppliers, raw material suppliers, technology providers and other suppliers linked to clients’ product value chain;
  9. Perform any other relevant assignment as require.