IT Officer

Job Information

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    Category Software Developer Jobs
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    Posted On Apr 28 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

  • Develop, implement and maintain well-documented standards and policies for IT use for the North Core project, detailing all technical specifications including diagrams and inventories;
  • Develop, install and administer appropriate security procedures and systems to safeguard the PMU’s IT infrastructure from physical harm and viruses, unauthorized users, and damage to data;
  • Implement a Local Area Network (LAN) for the PMU including all security parameters required; Administer local area network, define network privileges and network management;
  • Deploy and manage VPN and specific secured IT channels or ensuring remote access to a centralized data base;
  • Deploy and maintain all users’ hardware, wifi, software and related communication equipment required including printers, tablets and smart phones meant for the North Core work program;