IT System Analyst (Male) – ISM221

Job Information

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    Category IT Jobs
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    Posted On May 20 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Montaigne Place
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Job Description

Job Objective

  1. To provide system-level support of multi-user operating systems, hardware and software tools, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of these systems.

Reporting Relationships:

  • Functionally reports to: Chief financial officer
  • Administratively reports to: Head, IT System Analyst.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the operating system and associated subsystems with ERP

  2. Identify alternatives for optimizing computer resources Networking

  3. Collect information to analyze and evaluate existing or proposed systems. Assist personnel of other departments as a computer resource.

  4. Provide on-the-job training to new department staff members.

  5. Provide computer orientation to new company staff

  6. Research, plan, install, configure, troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade operating systems.

  7. Research, plan, install, configure, troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade hardware and software interfaces with the operating system.

  8. Analyze and evaluate present or proposed business procedures or problems to define data processing needs, Document Management Systems (DMS)

  9. Prepare detailed flow charts and diagrams outlining systems capabilities and processes.

  10. Research and recommend hardware and software development, purchase, and use.

  11. Troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software, and connectivity problems, including user access and component configuration.

  12. Select among authorized procedures and seek assistance when guidelines are inadequate, significant deviations are proposed, or when unanticipated problems arise.

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Cost Efficiency
  2. Adaptability
  3. Time Management and Punctuality
  4. Reduction in downtimes
  5. Increase in delivery time
  6. Accuracy, Speed and efficiency of transactional processing & reporting
  7. % Average organization satisfaction
  8. Planning deadline adherence
  9. Cycle time for new employee to receive work tools
  10. Well-developed Interpersonal Skill and Professional demeanor
  11. Works Well with Others / Develops Self and Others