Kitchen Assistant – KA221

Job Information

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    Category Other Hotel Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 27 ,2022
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    Qualifications Ordinary National Diploma
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    Employer Name Coraval Business Services
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Job Description


  1. Properly cleaning and sanitizing all food preparation areas according to established standards of hygiene.
  2. Washing and appropriately storing all cooking appliances, instruments, utensils, cutting boards, and dishes.
  3. Assisting the Cook with the preparation of meal ingredients, which includes washing, cleaning, peeling, cutting, and chopping fruit, vegetables, poultry, and meat.
  4. Sweeping and mopping the kitchen floors as well as wiping down kitchen walls.
  5. Assisting with the unloading of delivered food supplies.
  6. Organizing and correctly storing food supplies.
  7. Promptly transferring meal ingredients from storage areas to the kitchen as per the Cook’s instructions.
  8. Preparing small dishes such as appetizer or arranging plate decoration 
  9. follow all food health safety requirement.