Lead Developer – LD221

Job Information

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    Category IT Jobs
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    Posted On Jul 18 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Hazon Technologies
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    Contact Email recruitment@hazonholdings.com

Job Description


  1. Control daily engineering workflow and create an engineering process framework.
  2. Create engineering architecture steps for every product to facilitate the engineering team’s workflow.
  3. Using engineering tools to successfully create and communicate will promote smooth teamwork.
  4. Maintain project schedules and communicate them to the business development manager.
  5. For each component of software computation, storage, and interconnections, the cloud infrastructure is advised.
  6. Recommend low-cost resources such as POST Man, Africa stalking, etc. for daily engineering workflow
  7. Reduce latency and software reaction time by implementing DevOps across the board.
  8. Before committing the backend code to the production server, make sure it is clean and modularized.