Logistics Officer – LO221

Job Information

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    Category Other Logistics Jobs
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    Posted On Nov 8 ,2022
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name The MENTOR Initiative
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    Contact Email recruitment.nga@mentor-initiative.net

Job Description


  1. Provide the logistics coordinator with weekly logistics data (or Assistant Logistics Coordinator).
  2. Fuel control (DEPO) IN and OUT should be coordinated.
  3. Work along with Assistant Logco to plan and manage the maintenance and services for the generators and to make sure the necessary service parts are on hand.
  4. Work with the logistics coordinator (or assistant logistics coordinator) to organize the optimal utilization of cars, vehicle tracking, and fueling. Organize the MENTOR Initiative's transportation needs.
  5. Arrange and maintain the MENTOR Initiative stock in the stores and warehouses in accordance with the necessary standards, giving the logistics coordinator (or assistant logistics coordinator) timely stock reports and providing protection to the stores to prevent theft.
  6. Support the supply chain operations for the assistant logistics coordinator (getting quotations, filling the GRN, and other as per request).