Market Development Officer (MDO)

Job Information

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    Category Business Development Jobs
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    Posted On May 27 ,2020
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD)

Job Description

Implementation of VCD measures and activities in supporting policy and regulatory framework for promoting enabling environment for VCD.

Work under the supervision of MEDA to monitor, evaluate and document the results of the linkage programme.

Execution of support measures, activities and processes for quality control and standardization of processed products under the VCDP.

Implementation of measures and interventions for increasing the access of VC operators to market information and improving market linkages between producers, processors and market operators.

Execution of VCDP measures and interventions designed to strengthen the business management capacity of post’ harvest VC operators (individuals and organizations> for improved business, organizational and corporate performance and sustainability.

Assist the MEDA In identifying actions and mechanisms for the implementation of the measures and activities in the promoting the use of value addition technologies including post-harvest handling, processing, storage and packaging.