Meal Officer- MOC211

Job Information

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    Category Foreign Jobs
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    Posted On Jun 23 ,2021
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Catholic Relief Services
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Job Description

1· Ensure that learning properly accompanies project activities throughout the project cycle. Support accountability by coordinating project evaluation activities and guiding partners in their efforts to reflect on project experiences. Analyze implementation challenges and flag inconsistencies and gaps to inform adjustments to implementation plans and schedules.

2· Lead the deployment and implementation of the Project Feedback and Response Mechanism (FRM). Actively support research and response to feedback from all members of the targeted communities and other stakeholders as defined by the FRM.

3· Implement monitoring activities and processes in accordance with the detailed project implementation plan and MEAL system. Ensure the quality of surveillance data through annual data quality assessments.

4 Lead the use of Information and Communication Technologies (CommCare, Power BI) for data collection and analysis, and promote and support the use of monitoring data for adaptive project management.

5 Coordinate and oversee MEAL-related working relationships with all local project stakeholders and serve as a liaison between them and the project team to mobilize local stakeholders and promote project activities and impact. Identify and respond to the information needs of key stakeholders in MEAL activities, using a range of appropriate communication methods.