MEL Assistant-MAN211

Job Information

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    Category Foreign Jobs
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    Posted On Dec 22 ,2021
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name John Snow, Inc
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Job Description

  •  Support the implementation of the project’s MEL activities, including 1) monitoring of project indicators; 2) implementation of baseline and routine project monitoring assessments; 3) coordinate and strengthen data collection, data cleaning, data quality, and data analysis (quantitative and qualitative); 4) synthesizing data and study outcomes for presentation in reports and presentations; and 5) quality assurance and auditing of data
  •  Support the implementation of the project’s monitoring, assessment, and evaluation activities, which may include routine data, performance evaluations, surveys, formative research, qualitative studies, and rapid/special studies
  •  Contribute to work plans, quarterly and annual reports and other reports and papers summarizing project results and evidence
  •  Support MEL workshops and trainings at the district and regional level
  •  Support efforts to ensure that data from the project is collected, analyzed, and used among local stakeholders for learning and programming and on-going course correcting
  •  Assist in the dissemination of information on successful and promising approaches, lessons learned, and other project results to local, district and regional-level government divisions, organizations, partners, and other stakeholders
  •  Other related tasks as needed