Office Concierge

Job Information

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    Category Management Jobs
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    Posted On May 7 ,2022
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    Qualifications HND/Bachelor's degree
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    Employer Name Edison Consult
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Job Description

A successful Office Concierge manage a concierge team and uphold company culture at all times while making guests feel welcomed and valued, they meets with guests and provides outstanding customer service to all guests, owners, and visitors of the hotel. Assists guests and owners in a branded, friendly, proactive and efficient manner with appropriate follow-up as necessary.

Their major Job Duties includes:

• Concierges should possess above-average communication skills. 

•Attitude, speaking and listening skills will be a reflection on their employers. 

•They must be able to convey information effectively and with care.

•Helping to resolve employee issues and disputes.

•Evaluating performance and providing feedback.

• Manage team and interact directly with customers to answer their questions, provide information about local attractions, and offer reservation services.

Skills and Qualifications:

OND/HND/BSC in Managerial and Customer related course of study.

Understanding of Business Practices, Budgeting, Financial Knowledge, In-Depth Research and Analysis.

Computer Proficiency, Interpersonal Communication, Client Relationships, Writing, Public Speaking, Creativity, Innovation, Adaptability, Leadership, Managerial Skills, Multi-Tasking.