Open Field/GreenHouse Agronomist

Job Information

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    Posted On Feb 9 ,2021
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    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree
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    Employer Name Versa
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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities 

-Nursery management. 

-Scout the field on a daily basis to observe crop performance and make recommendations on improvements. 

-Supervise and coordinate with farm laborers to maximize output and productivity. Active involvement in the planting and harvesting process i.e transplanting, fertilization, disease detection & prevention, weed management and other farm activities as directed by the head agronomist. 

-Work with head agronomist to plan irrigation and spraying schedule. 

-Assist in daily running of the farm and any other activities related to farm activities. Generate daily reports, take records of farm operations and present findings to the head agronomist. 

-Provide daily open-field scouting reports to the Head Agronomist.

-Carry out operational and administrative activities as instructed by the Head Agronomist.